10 Reasons to Day Trip to Columbus, Indiana

10 Reasons to Daytrip to Columbus, Indiana

I take pride in knowing about little gems and attractions. That’s why I was floored to learn that I was unaware of a whole entire city that was only 1.5 hours away from me that is known for modern architecture.

Columbus Indiana Bike Rack

I found out about Columbus, Indiana at a travel media showcase and I became obsessed with going there ever since.

Columbus Indiana6

Why you ask?

Here are the reasons why you should add Columbus to your day trip or road trip list.

1. You can take an Architectural Tour to get an overview of the architecture in the area

Columbus Indiana3

Make sure that you appreciate the Dale Chihuly  chandelier inside the Visitor Center before you start your tour.

Columbus Indiana Dale Chihuly

The tour starts with a film in the Center that gives an overview of the city and it’s history.

Next, you step outside and will learn about a few nearby structures.

Columbus Indiana

The architectural tour takes you inside two churches that are architectural works of art. The First Christian Church pictured above was completed in 1942 and is believed to be the first modern church in the United States.

Columbus Indiana2

North Christian Church is a U.S. National Historic landmark, hexagonal in shape and was built in 1964.

Columbus Indiana 26

Columbus Indiana24

2. You can get flushed away. Literally at the Kids Commons.

Columbus Indiana4

Kids and adults have plenty of opportunities to interact and explore at this hands on Children’s museum.

Columbus Indiana Kids Commons

3. The free indoor fun at The Commons Playground combines art with play

Columbus Indiana5

Art meets function at this free playground that is located across the street from Kids Commons.

Columbus Indiana7

Columbus Indiana8

4. Great meals with downtown charm

Columbus Indiana11

I enjoyed a great burger at 4th Street Bar and also received great service and insider local intel for what makes Columbus special from our server, Dewayne.

5. You can walk to a large amount of art within a few block radius downtown. 

Columbus Indiana22

A majority of the art and architecture is located within a few blocks which means that you can easily cover a lot of ground and see a lot. You can also download a free audio tour on your smartphone.

Columbus Indiana12

Columbus Indiana10

Columbus Indiana21

Columbus Indiana9

6. Get a inspired by design from the past that feels like the present at The Miller House and Garden Tour 

Columbus Indiana15

If you love architecture or Mad Men, you will LOVE this tour! This private residence was ahead of the times and is extremely interesting. You can take pictures outside but you are not allowed to take pictures inside. I REALLY wanted to take pictures inside because this home has so many great features and stories.

Columbus Indiana16

7. Sample Sweet Treats and Nostalgia at Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and Museum

Columbus Indiana19jpg

Try a “Green River” fountain soda or enjoy an ice cream sundae that comes with your own gravy boat for your topping.

Columbus Indiana20

The history of this building dates back to the 1900’s and there is an incredible collection of fountain sodas and memorabilia to view. You can also listen to a restored 1870s orchestrion.

Columbus Indiana17

Columbus Indiana18

8. Take in gorgeous views The Inn at Irwin Gardens Bed and Breakfast

Columbus Indiana14jpg

Unfortunately, there was a private event going on during our visit but the views from the sidewalk made me want to comeback. This bed and breakfast looks like a beautiful place to stay which is also in the heart of the downtown.

Columbus Indiana13

9. Lots of recreational options

Columbus Indiana25

We made a quick trip to climb the observation tower at Mill Race Park before leaving town. Columbus offers miles of bike trails and a variety of recreational parks.

10 Columbus is centrally located to major cities.

Columbus is centrally located between Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati which made Columbus a great day trip.


You can find out more about Columbus, Indiana from their website. 




Disclosure: I was provided complimentary tours for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Brittney says

    I really enjoyed this post and even though I love in the area I did not know myself, of some of the rare beauties Columbus Indiana held!!! Thanks for the share!

  2. says

    I just shared your blog in a Facebook group of which I’m the administrator. Called Why Discover Columbus?, we feature points of interest in the city and state. You may be interested in A Kid’s Columbus, which is linked from the main page of my website. Also, you’re permitted to take pictures in the Miller House if you take the “photo tour.” Thanks for providing your comments and great photos.

  3. Katie Garvey says

    I have lived in Columbus for 35 years, lived within 50 miles all my life. I live here, raised my kids, & live here by desire!!!!!!! I still am proud to see everything and hear people talk about our City! VISIT COLUMBUS, IN!!!!!!!!

  4. Have Not says

    We do love the tourist $$. It’s a great place if you’re one of the “haves” and a really screwed up place if you’re one of the many “have nots”.

  5. Tom says

    Great place to visit, to live… not so much. Terrible place for small businesses. Columbus is tough on mom and pop businesses.


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