10 Reasons to Visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati

A visit to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a must. The content of the museum is not easy to be faced with, but it’s important for all ages and races to learn more about freedom’s heroes.

1. It’s a reminder not to forget the injustices of the past.

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As painful as it is to read about the horrific experiences that people suffered from being forced into slavery, we need to know their stories so that history does not repeat itself.


2. You will learn about everyday heroes that you didn’t know existed. 

Many of the heroes that you read about at the museum might not be very well known, but each of their stories were vital to bringing change. Many of these heroes risked their own freedom to help others find theirs.

3. You can step inside a former slave pen that is now used as an opportunity to educate.

The slave pen gives you a frame of reference for what slaves experienced.


4. The docents at the museum powerfully bring history to life.


Their phenomenal ability to share stories with visual aids really helps you in trying to process what slavery would have been like.

national underground railroad freedom center

5. You will gain a better understanding of the underground railroad and it’s multifaceted logistics that were necessary to make an escape possible. 


The museum does a great job of helping visitors feel some of the emotions and get a sense of the surroundings that someone escaping slavery would experience.


One of the exhibits allows you to step inside a home with secret hiding spaces used as a safe haven for slaves traveling along the underground railroad.


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6. The short films at the museum will challenge to see things through the eyes of a slave.

There is a short film about the underground railroad called “Brothers of the Brotherland” that is narrated by Oprah Winfrey that inspired me to visit Ripley, Ohio. I immediately wanted to plan a trip to Ripley, Ohio after watching the film because I wanted to see those locations in person and learn more about the backstory of Rev. Rankin and John Parker.

7. You need to be reminded that there are still injustices going on in the world today.

Once you are aware of the injustices you can’t turn a blind eye any longer.

Unfortunately, the work to end slavery around the world is not finished. There are still 27 + million who suffer from being forced into slavery for sex or labor, many of these victims are children. That means that there are more slaves on the planet now than ever before.

This stat from the museum website is really eye opening!

“On average it costs $90 to buy a person today. In 1850, the cost of a slave (in today’s dollars) was $35,000.”


What if this were your sister, your brother, your son or daughter?

8. You will be challenged to live differently when you learn what you can do to help.

You will learn how you actions can help and bring freedom to others. Once you have this knowledge, you won’t want to live the same way.

9. The location of the museum is conveniently located close to other attractions and the Riverfront. 

You can park once and find restaurants, parks, and other attractions within a close walking proximity. The streetcar also stops near the museum.


Make sure that you step onto the deck with the eternal flame while you are at the museum for another great perspective of downtown.

10 The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is FREE on Martin Luther King Jr Day.

FREE Admission on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

This is the perfect day to visit the National Underground Freedom Center as we honor the work that Martin Luther King Jr did to bring change. Whether you have visited the museum before or it’s your first time, you can learn a lot from your visit. It’s a little more crowded because of the FREE admission but I still think it’s worth going. My family has enjoyed going as an annual reminder to never forget!



Adults: $15 Seniors 60+: $13
Children ages 3-12: $10.50
Children under 3: Free

*prices accurate during the time of this post. Check website for most current pricing.

Tuesday – Saturday
11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tickets sold until 4:00 p.m.


You have several options for parking. There is some limited street parking near the museum. I would suggest using  The Central Riverfront Parking Garage at the Banks (closest) or  The Fountain Square Parking Garage (a few blocks).

Check out the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center from their website.

The National Underground Freedom Center is located at 50 East Freedom Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Telephone: 513.333.7500 or 877.648.483


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