Color me RAD

There are some experiences that you try just for the fun of it.  The Color Me RAD race was one of those for me.  It was a good excuse the visit family and friends when my friend shared a deal on for the race. After doing a mud run already, this seemed like a great contrast.

We had a lot of traffic as we waited to get off the exit ramp for the race.  We had allowed a lot of time to get to the location but we were still cutting it close with the unexpectant delay.  The parking lot was packed too and we arrived there about 10 minutes before my team’s heat was scheduled to run.

We had enough time to snap a few prerace shots before lining up at the start line.



















With our registration, we received sunglasses, race bib, RAD tattoo and a t-shirt I would actually wear. (A lot of my previous race t-shirts tend to be pajamas or a donation to Goodwill.

Color Me Rad Race Cincinnati, Ohio

My family came to cheer me on and I prepped the boys with white tanks so that they could partake in the color bombing at the end of the race.

Color Me Rad Race Cincinnati, Ohio

















This was the 1st 5k race that several of my teammates had ever run.  The atmosphere was fun and a way less competitive vibe than a traditional race.

















The course had a different color you could run thru at each kilometer of the race.

Color Me Rad Race Cincinnati, Ohio



























Our course was mostly running on a parking lot at the Cincinnati Mills Mall but we did have a section where we ran by an assisted living facility for adults with diabilities.  It was so awesome to see all of the residents who came out to cheer us on and give high fives.

Color Me Rad Race Cincinnati, Ohio



























The different colored sections had color that was sprayed or thrown on the runners by volunteers as you passed.  The closer you were to the sides the more color you got on your clothes.

Color Me Rad Race Cincinnati, Ohio

















I learned that you might want to keep your mouth shut unless you are going for the full effect.

Color Me Rad Race Cincinnati, Ohio





















The color stops made the race go by so much faster and made the run enjoyable.

We saw several cars drive past us with their race gear on and a few other patrons looked like us too.

It’s not everyday your kids look like extras on the Avatar movie set.

Color Me Rad Race Cincinnati, Ohio

Just so you know, if your kids look this awesome after a race as mine,  you will be filling up the bath tub about 3 times.

Color Me Rad Race Cincinnati, Ohio

It was worth every drop.

Color Me Rad Race Cincinnati, Ohio

The color did come out of my shorts and shoes in the washing machine with out any problems.  There are tips on the website for keeping the color in your shirt that includes soaking it in vinegar and ironing it afterwards.  I recommend packing a towel for the car ride home.  What you wear there is up to you. The most creative runner I saw had on a white wedding dress.  That would be a fun trash the dress idea/ photoshoot.


I can vouch that the Color me RAD race had great merch too.  I couldn’t resist wearing race my t shirt out that night.

This was an amazing fun run experience and such a great event to share with friends and family.  I highly recommend checking out Color Me RAD 5k.


  1. Rebecca says

    totally makes me want to run this one! i’ll have to see if one is coming to gr or my area soon. great account of your experience!

  2. says

    I wanted to do a Color Run so bad but my SIL’s wedding interfered with the one closest to us. :( Looks like you and your kids had a blast!
    I’m stopping by from the blog hop.

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