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I created this blog to be an encouragement to try something new. I have always loved to try new things because of my quest for variety. I’m more like an ADD adventure sampler. I like to try, taste and experience different things and places all the time. I love living like a tourist in my hometown city of Cincinnati and beyond.

Adventure mom

I enjoy traveling, anything chocolate, coffee, concerts, all kinds of random activities to try for the first time, any meal I didn’t have to cook, extreme rides, outdoors, fashion, art and Pinterest. I have a slight addiction to Facebook, love hanging out with friends, being inspired by people who bring social justice to the world and being apart of what they are doing when I can, love God and of course my family.

Adventure Mom with elephant at Cincinnati Zoo

My husband and two boys also enjoy our fun variety lifestyle. I hope as you read the blog you will find something that sparks your interest and get the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I have found that there is safety in numbers for lots of things I didn’t want to try by myself and I’ve never regretted any of the experiences I’ve had.

My most popular post is Why Death has made me want to live and I think you will have a greater understanding for why I do what I do after you read it.

Work with me

Contact me at nedra@adventuremomblog.com if you have a destination, adventure or event that you would like me to highlight.

I also partner with brands and attractions in a variety of ways through side bar advertising, product and destination reviews, and sponsored posts.


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