Adventures in Extreme Discounts at the Gap Clearance Store

Adventures in Extreme Discounts at the Gap Clearance Store

There is a place in Northern Kentucky that is a favorite shopping destination of mine. It is not for the faint of heart. In fact my husband does not like going and it is a form of torture to bring my kids there with me. The place is the Gap Clearance Center in Hebron, Kentucky.

The Gap Clearance Center

The difference between this store and a “Gap Outlet” that you see at the big outlet malls is that the Clearance center is kind of like the land of misfit clothes and accessories and anything in between.

I called to double check if there were any other Gap clearance center stores in the US and found out that this is the only one in the world.

They carry clothes from Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, Athletica, Ralph Lauren, shoes from Piperlime and several more higher end brands at random.

The catch is that the items were either a return, damaged, overstock or clearance.

Once you buy it- you can’t return it.

If you can put on garage sale mentality goggles, you can walk out the door with amazing deals and savings of hundreds of dollars. There are even some shoppers who make a living off of what they resale online from there shopping trips there.

It can feel overwhelming when you first go as you see what feels like miles of racks of clothing lined up, but I have always found great deals on just about everything, especially shoes. There have been times when I gotten Gap flats and sandals there for $1.99 with a 30% off coupon. I typically look at shoes and jewelry first and then wander around the rest of the store. They run different mega discount item sales of $.49 -$.99 from time to time too.

Gap Clearance Center 3

The day we went they had all brand new, not damaged licensed sports t shirts for $.99 for kids. To get University of Michigan t shirts for $.99 along with several other teams they follow, made my boys very happy. I found ones for $1.99 for my sister in laws and myself too.

My husband found great short sleeve shirts for $4.99 and I found a tankini swimsuit top for $9.99 and a few bottoms for $1.99. Kids flip flops were $1.99. Short sleeve shirts are typically always $4.99 or less if there is a special sale.

My hubby has decided that from now on when we go there we have to go separate because I always taking longer to look which creates a not enjoyable shopping tension and leaves me feeling rushed. He knows you can’t beat the deals but also has no desire to be there longer than 30 minutes MAX!

There is ALOT to take in there. There is no limit to what you take in the dressing room but you do need to try EVERYTHING on because some items are irregular or you may find a broken zipper or rip. If you are good at sewing you can score really big because busted zippers can be a common repair. The jeans are always $9.99 or less which you can’t beat, especially for Banana Republic. This is a great place to get maternity clothes too.

Gap Clearance Center

I have purchased almost all of my cute fall boots there and the highest I paid was $24.99. I have the seen some of the exact same brands and styles that I bought there for $50-$70 more online. I love when I find an item in perfect condition with the price tags still on that shows what a great deal I got.

shoes at Gap Clearance Center 2

If you like a store that is color coordinated and merchandised with ease, keep on driving…. this is not the store for you. The emotions of people who have had a shopping experience there are either LOVE or HATE. If you love the thrill of the hunt of thrift store shopping with all name brand clothes, this is the place where all of your mega discount dreams can come true.

The Gap Clearance Center is not far from the Cincinnati Airport (which is also located in Northern Kentucky.)

2050 Global Way, Hebron, KY 41048

(859) 586-3320


  1. says

    THANK YOU for sharing this post! 🙂 I am going to share it with all my Michigan friends who never understand what I’m talking about when I say I’m wearing Banana Republic jeans that cost me $6.99! We’re making a quick trip to KY this weekend and you better bet this store will be on our list of places to visit.

  2. Gina Holt says

    I was just there on Friday and found incredible deals! I bought a nice $100 Banana Republic dress for $20! I also got two sweatshirts, several T-shirts, two pairs of pajama bottoms and 2 packs of athletic socks. I spent $60 total!! The Gallery, which is a candy and gift outlet store, is just down the street from the Gap Clearance Center. I always make a point to stop there as well.

    • ambadmin says

      I heard that rumor a few months ago and called that night. They said the Clearance Center isn’t closing. I went today and there was no sign of that either.

      • Armylady says

        Gap clearance center is changing from clearance to a regular Gap because you cant find the good deals any more. they sell damage cashmere sweater for $59.99 that has a big cut or a big hole hard to fix. Jackets for $399 which I can buy online for the same price. it is not a good place to shop anymore. they priced every thing up that it is not worth to buy.


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