Pledge Your Love on the Purple People Bridge

Pledge your love at the Purple People Bridge

The Newport Southbank Bridge known as the “Purple People Bridge” has now become an area where couples pledge and secure their love for each other forever by “locking up their love” with a lock on the bridge.

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10 Tips for Moving Toward Your Goals This Year

Move toward goals

As I reflected on my 2013 adventure list goals, I noticed that there were a lot of adventures still left on my list by the end of the year…and that’s ok. What I love is that when given the opportunity to cross something off my list, I took it. There are so many moments that are once in a lifetime that you can only experience if you take action, that moment, that time, that place.

If you have been a reader of mine for a while, you know that a big motivation for me to live to the fullest is because of the death of my brother and mother. (“Why Death has made me want to live”)

A conversation with my mom on her death bed has also fueled me. You have to understand that she was full of life but the circumstances of taking care of my brother for years, all four of my grandparents at various points in time and her own cancer chipped away from her time and zest a bit.

During my mom’s final months, she began painting again. She was an incredible artist but she had a new challenge. Her right arm had cancer in her bones which made tasks extremely painful. So she took up painting with her left hand. Her paintings created by her left hand displayed more talent than I’ll ever know. In her final weeks, she shared her talent and her prayers with those she came in contact with.

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What moving has taught me- Life in transition

What moving has taught me- Life in transition

I have moved 3 times in just shy of 2 years. 2/3 of these moves have been out of state.  So you could say I have been through a bit of transition lately.  Actually a lot..  The short version is that we moved for a job, we experienced a lonely season without lots of close friends or community, I started my blog, my husband later got laid off, we had to move in with the in laws, our house out of state finally sold a year and a half after we moved, the new job start date was delayed, we got connected to amazing friends, found community, I networked with other bloggers, the new job was ready to start……time to move…. Here we go again.

Isn’t life like that.  As soon as we settle in and finally feel comfortable it’s time to change.  Sometimes our choice, sometimes not.  We have to bend and adapt so that life doesn’t break us.

So what have I learned these last 3 years?

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Wanting What I Already Have

Wanting what I already have 2Wanting what I already have.

Isn’t that the one of the biggest challenges we face in a culture so absorbed in the newest, latest, greatest?

My husband and I went on a cheap date while our kids were staying the night with their cousins.  I found two cards for free bowling which = an affordable date.  When we got there, we found out that we needed to wait 20-25 minutes until the bowling leagues finished up their games. We decided to kill some time by driving up the road to wander around a few stores.

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Picking Blueberries – Embracing the Bittersweet


I just finished reading a book called “Bittersweet” by Shauna Niequist and I couldn’t help but notice all of the similarities I had with the author. She and her husband were in ministry and changed jobs, they lived in Grand Rapids for a period of time and then moved to Chicago, she had missed many of her friendship and relationships that were like family to her and she had a hard time selling her house after the move.  Overall, in this book she was extremely REAL about the journey.  The good and the bad…. and the ugly tears.

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Humility and Hope


I read an article this week titled “Christmas belongs to the poor” by Jeff Goins. One of the parts that really stood out for me ironically was from an old Frasier rerun he caught on TV. On that episode Frasier forgot his wallet and several homeless people joined together to pay for his bill. One of the men shared with him the true spirit of Christmas. He said,“The rest of the year belongs to rich people with their fancy houses and expensive foreign cars, but Christmas, Christmas belongs to guys like us.”

This year has given me a different perspective on “rich.” It hasn’t worked out the way we had hoped or planned. My husband was laid off from his job and we are currently waiting out the last few weeks until his new job starts out of state …..while we’ve been living in my in-laws basement.

It’s been a year of new perspective that has brought even more humility.

We moved here for a job a year and a half ago from out of state and now ironically we will be moving again to another state very soon. We left the home I loved and that finally just sold ….this month, after many contracts that did not go through.

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