5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Adventure

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving?

Why don’t you give someone the gift of adventure instead?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider giving an experience gift instead of a physical one.

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A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Toledo Zoo

A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Toldeo Zoo

I have to start out with a confession, I honestly didn’t really know if the Toledo Zoo could compare to my home zoo (Cincinnati Zoo) and I was pleasantly surprised that the Toledo Zoo exceeded my expectations. Our first visit to the Toledo Zoo began at the Aquarium with a Behind-the-Scenes Tour with Ron Fricke, deputy director of the Zoo.

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An Elephant Encounter That You Will Never Forget!

If you love elephants, this elephant encounter is a must!

For my first visit to Wilstem Ranch I tried an adventure on their ATV tour  that gave me more confidence that I could drive an ATV sucessfully over challenging torerain. For my second adventure at Wilstem Ranch, I discovered another reason that I HAD to go back.

An opportunity to encounter an elephant up close.

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An Encounter with Wolves at Wolf Creek Habitat and Rescue


An encounter with wolves at Wolf Creek Habitat and Rescue

A friend shared with me about a wolf encounter  that she has in Brookville, Indiana and I immediately became obsessed with crossing a wolf encounter off of my adventure list as soon as possible. The power of an adventure suggestion is very strong, and once I hear about something unique to try, I have instant tunnel vision.

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Sleeping with the Sharks at Newport Aquarium

Sleeping with the Sharks at the Newport Aquarium

An overnight adventure at Newport Aquarium, where you can sleep with the sharks, is an experience that ranks really high on my all time favorite adventure list. That really says a lot considering that our family has been fortunate to have experienced a lot of incredible adventures. I love getting opportunities to experience something that you can’t replicate anywhere else. This is one of those types of experiences.

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Butterflies of the Philippines at Krohn Conservatory

Butterflies of the Philippines at Krohn Conservatory

I look forward to the Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory each year.  The butterflies are gorgeous and it’s so exciting when you discover one has picked you to land on. The key is the have your camera ready because those moments happen FAST! I’m looking forward to discovering what this year’s theme as “Butterflies of the Philippines” will bring.

Butterfly 2

Here is a little more about this year’s show.

This year’s exhibit features the colorful and exotic Butterflies of the Philippines, and they will preside over a majestic tribute to the marvelous Filipino culture. The showroom will be filled with butterflies soaring among bold displays that will immerse visitors in a sumptuous tropical environment. A large, dramatic mural of an erupting volcano and a wildly cascading waterfall will provide a striking backdrop for many tropical plants such as ornate orchids, brilliant bromeliads, delicate anthuriums and dramatic dracaenas.

Butterflies of the Philippines at Krohn Conservatory

Many exciting events have been planned throughout the 12-week Butterfly show to allow visitors to experience the free-soaring butterflies and to discover even more about the vibrant, engaging and gracious Filipino culture.

Butterflies of the Philippines at Krohn Conservatory

Open Daily 10:00am – 5:00pm
$7 adults • $4 children • 4 & under are FREE!
$12 Unlimited Admission Pins

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Krohn Conservatory is located at 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Disclosure: I was given tickets for review and giveaway purposes. All opinions are my own. 

5 Reasons Why I loved African Safari Wildlife Park

5 reason african safari wildlife park cover

I absolutely LOVED our adventure with animals at African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton, Ohio. I might even say it’s made it’s way into my all time top 10 adventures which is a pretty big deal because our family has shared a lot of incredible experiences.

There are a few reasons why I thought it was so great.

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