Penguin Encounters at Newport Aquarium

Penguin Encounters at the Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium provides a unique experience for guests who want to get up close with African penguins. Your visit is in a climate controlled room which means you don’t need any additional layers of clothing because African penguins are used to warmer temperatures.

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Kentucky Down Under – Australian Themed Animal Park

Kentucky Down Under Australian themed Animal Park

Kentucky Down Under has been on my adventure list for a while. One of the big reasons it’s been on my list is because they have kangaroos! What’s even better is that you can interact with them!

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7 Tips for Turning Your Dream Vacation Into a Reality

cover 7 tips dream vacation 1

My friend Kasey just got back from an INCREDIBLE vacation! When I saw her facebook pictures I noticed that she got to cross off a few adventures that have been on my list for a while.

swim with dolphins Discovery Cover Orlando Florida

My response could easily have been intense jealousy BUT comparison is the thief of joy so I decided to switch my mindset! She really inspired me to not give up and to continue to live my dreams. If she could do it, we can do it too!

I asked Kasey to share some tips for how she was able to pull off her dream vacation on a limited budget.

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Unique Horse Farm Tours in Lexington

unique farm tour pic

Ever wondered what it would be like to see million dollar horses up close ….and tour million dollar stables?  

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A visit to the Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky horse Park

A visit to the Kentucky Horse Park is a must when you visit Lexington. Kentucky is known to be “Horse Capital of the World” and the Kentucky Horse Park creates an appreciation, education and admiration for these beautiful creatures. The park is set on 1,200 acres of beautiful rolling hills and your biggest challenge will be deciding what area to visit first.

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Behind the Scenes Tour With Elephants at the Cincinnati Zoo

Behind the Scenes Tour With Elephants at the Cincinnati Zoo

I’m excited to announce my partnership with the Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network. I am one of six local bloggers that will be participating in the Livin’ in the Cin program.



Our kick off event gave us the VIP treatment with a behind the scenes tour of the new Africa Exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botantical Garden. Our first animal introduction was a Ball Python named Teether.

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