Questions You need to Ask Before Planning a Spring Break Vacation

Spring Break Planning

When you’re planning a vacation during Spring Break there are a lot of factors to consider. I’m going to ask some of the tough questions that you need to think about to help you make the most out of your adventures…. and your budget.

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Why you need to check out the 1st Cincinnati Style Vegetarian Chili on the Cincinnati Chili Trail

Cincinnati Style Vegetarian Chili

We were invited to check out the new Cincinnati style vegetarian chili at Gold Star Chili. I knew there was only one way to approach it with my kids….deception. I know that sounds really bad, right?

I wanted them to try the 1st Cincinnati style vegetarian chili on the Cincinnati Chili Trail with an open mind.

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Share An Adventure – Bucket List Adventures in Oahu and Kauai

I met Tirzah and her husband Troy in college and thanks to Facebook, I’ve been able to keep up with their adventures since then. I love their passion for adventure and connecting with nature.

Troy is a photographer and his incredible images create instant wanderlust. Tirzah has an adventurous spirit and a heart of gold. After viewing pictures of their trip to Hawaii, I invited them to share about their bucket list adventures during their visit to the islands of Oahu and Kauai.

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Why You Need to Visit the Only Underground Bike Park in the World

Why You Need to Visit the Only Underground Bike Park in the World

When I discovered a few images of the Underground Mega Bike Park in Louisville, Kentucky on social media, I knew that I had to try it for myself.

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Presidential Themed Stops Around Cincinnati

Cincinnati has several locations around the city that honor previous Presidents. You can try to visit most of them in one day or make it your quest to find them over time. [Read more…]

Your Guide to a Snowcation at Shanty Creek Resorts

If you are looking for winter fun, Shanty Creek Resorts has a lot to offer! This Northern Michigan resort has everything you need for a great snowcation.

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2017 Cincinnati Home & Garden Show ~ Giveaway

Are you ready for spring?

I know that I am! I’m looking forward to warmer weather and spring flowers.

I’m not really good at personally tending to the flowers, but I’m glad that other people do a great job so that I can enjoy viewing them! It’s also fun to find new inspiration that might actually be doable too.

That’s where the 2017 Cincinnati Home & Garden Show comes in.

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