Whitewater Rafting Downtown in South Bend, Indiana

Whitewater Rafting Downtown in South Bend, Indiana

If you’ve got $5 and about 5 minutes, you can have a unique outdoor adventure white water rafting in downtown South Bend, Indiana

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Testing out Soap Box Derby Cars

Testing out Soap Box Derby Cars

I’ve never seen a live race of soap box derby cars before. I don’t really think that I’ve seen them that often in person either.

Today my boys got a unique opportunity to see what it was like to ride in one.The Cincinnati Soapbox Derby had a “free drive” day. Kids age 7 to 17 could test drive the cars for free. This was the perfect opportunity to see why kids love derby cars.

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Extreme Tree Climbing with Earth Joy Tree Adventures

extreme tree climb

Earth Joy Tree Adventures has been on my radar for over a year. I learned about them a while back and ran out of time on a spring break visit to check them out. They had me at adventure … and tree.

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6 Unique Winter Adventures That You Can Try In Michigan


6 Unique Winter Adventures in Michigan

These are some of my favorite winter adventures that I tried last winter while living in Michigan. They are listed in no particular order because they were each special in their own way. Each unique adventure gave me the opportunity to meet people in diverse subcultures and try activities that were not part of my everyday world.

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Date Night at the Shooting Range- My 1st time Firing a Gun

Date Night at the Shooting Range

A date night at a shooting range was on my list for a quite a while but I was never really around guns growing up. They were always really intimidating to me. I had never really fired a gun before. My dad wasn’t a hunter and didn’t have a gun in the house either. My grandfather would occasionally hunt but we never lived close to him.

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Walk like a ….ZOMBIE?

zombie cover

My husband and I recently participated in a zombie walk. We are not the type of people who normally like to dabble with the dark side but I was really curious to check out what this experience was all about. I honestly had never even heard of a “zombie walk” until I saw promotions about one that was going on downtown. Our kids were spending the night with their cousins so we had to make the most of a kid free night. You can’t waste free childcare when you get the opportunity!

We drove downtown to check out our first zombie walk.

They were supposed to meet at a plaza and then parade all over downtown. We got there a few minutes late but some bystanders told us which direction they were headed. We had to speed walk to catch up but found the group. There were all varieties; friends, families, musicians, all decked out as different types of zombies. We observed them from a rooftop parking garage and then decided to go in for a closer view.

Zombie Walk

We followed behind them for a while walking behind the tuba zombie.

Zombie Walk

We walked several more blocks behind them so that we could get a get look at all of the costumes.

So as we were on our way back to the car, we got inspired by the simplistic costume a dad and his two boys had. Basically a white t -shirt cut up over their clothes. I knew of another zombie walk going on at a college campus at 10:30 that night. That gave us enough time to create an outfit and get there. My husband agreed to participate and the price of free was perfect. We couldn’t waste a kid-free night just sitting at home watching tv and we didn’t have the budget to go out to eat or do something else. So why not be undercover parents, who’ve been married 13 years with two kids, pose as zombie college students.

We were starting to get into the idea of crashing a college zombie walk.  We began looking for old clothes to shred up. My husband found an old t shirt with a pre existing hole. I was struggling to find something. I generally like my clothes so it was really hard to find something to dice up. After about 10 minutes of searching I remembered my mother in law had a bag of clothes in the car that she was giving to goodwill.  I figured they were fair game. After dicing up our clothes to zombie level, it was hair and make up time. This is were my husband put me to shame. He came out of the bathroom with a better make up job than me.

I teased my hair to get the full effect and we were ready to go.

We had to laugh at the idea of our kids finding out what their parents were doing while they were gone. We got to the campus a little early and parked at the nearby campus housing. We just kind of hung out in the parking lot waiting for everyone to get to the meeting location. There were busses that were also shuttling people over from another part of campus. I would say we were the only people there who didn’t at least no someone else.

Zombie Walk

We found some stranger to take our picture and then observed the other zombies around us.

Zombie Walk

There was a Snow White, an Osama BinLaden, meat processors, nurses and  regular college student zombies to give a lot of variety.

We waited for a while for the other buses to get there and then started our walk. Lots of the zombies were totally getting into character and even running up to people on their doorsteps. Some even went into a few apartments if the door was open from them observing the crowd.

A car load of students was leaving the area and they were immediately swarmed by zombies. No doubt it would have felt very creepy and claustrophobic, seeing hundreds of people surround your car. They were instructed to move away from the vehicle after it started to get out of hand.

We walked around for about 20 minutes. It was SO COLD! We were ready to go when it was over. Overall we were glad we got out of our comfort zone and did something we would have never imagined doing. It was fun to dress up, step into character and pose like college students.

Ever wanted to try a zombie walk?

Check out this site for an upcoming event near you.

Many zombie walks across the nation are used as fundraisers to help local food pantries and check out  worldzombieday so you can be on your best zombie etiquette.

Trying the Luge in the Summer

summer luge

I had been wanting to check out the luge track in Muskegon, Michigan for awhile, so when I heard you that could try a luge track in the summer, I knew this would be fun for the boys and I to try.

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What it’s like to try the Trapeze

What it's like to try the trapeze

I have always had some kind of bucket list growing up. Not necessarily always written down, but it seems the more I try something outside my comfort zone, the more I want to add something new to my “to do” adventure list.  So far, one my favorite bucket list items was trying the trapeze. We had noticed a trapeze rig at one of the popular tourist spots in town. After I saw it, I knew I had to try it.

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