5 Reasons to Photowalk and Shop at Findlay Market


5 Reasons to Photowalk and Shop at Findlay Market

Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio is always a great place to shop local and observe community in action. There is constant flow a of activity going on with vendors and artisans selling their goods. The surrounding buildings also deserve attention which makes it a fun place to take pictures for a photowalk too.

Findlay Market Mustache

Findlay Market

I’m sharing 5 of my favorite reasons for visiting Findlay Market.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 19

1.The History

Photowalk at Findlay Market 21

Findlay Market has been favorite destination for generations of locals and tourists alike. It is Ohio’s oldest continuously operated public market and houses indoor vendors year round along with outdoor vendors during the warmer months.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 28

The market opened in 1852 and still uses the original steel beams today.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 29

The street surrounding Findlay Market also have stories to tell as detailed on their historical markers.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 14

2. Art Deco

Photowalk at Findlay Market 23

If you LOVE architecture, you will LOVE Findlay Market.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 31

The buildings are absolutely gorgeous! Cincinnati has one of the largest concentrations of Italianate architecture in the country. The detail is incredible.

Photowalk at Findlay Market

Photowalk at Findlay Market 13

Photowalk at Findlay Market 32

3. Color 

Photowalk at Findlay Market 33

The surrounding buildings have bold colors but the market also boasts of life everywhere from flowers to food.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 30

Photowalk at Findlay Market 10

Photowalk at Findlay Market 26

Photowalk at Findlay Market 4

Photowalk at Findlay Market 25

Photowalk at Findlay Market 8JPG

Photowalk at Findlay Market 9

You will also find art if you look for it.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 16

Photowalk at Findlay Market 17

Photowalk at Findlay Market 15

4. Each Vendor has a story

Photowalk at Findlay Market 3

I love talking to the vendors because they are passionate about what they carry, whether it’s produce, recipe creations, or something that they created or hand picked for their store. Each vendor takes their craft seriously and adds so much value to the Findlay Market community. Want to know where you food came from? Just ask. Many of the vendors at Findlay Market also supply for popular restaurants in our community too.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 12

Photowalk at Findlay Market 5

Photowalk at Findlay Market 24

5. Great Food

Photowalk at Findlay Market 27

It’s great to know where your food came from by talking to the people who helped create or harvest it. You can also grab a snack, a meal, or inspirations and ingredients for your own creations during your visit.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 34

You can find out more about Findlay Market from their website. 

Findlay Market is located at 1801 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Beer, Wine and Food Festival to Benefit Pediatric Cancer Research

Beer Wine Food Chalk Logo

Last year I attended the Beer, Wine and Food Festival for the 1st time. It was a great event for a great cause, benefitting The Cure Starts Now Foundation that focuses on pediatric brain cancer.

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Discovering Local Wineries on the Cincy WineWagon Tour

Discovering Local Wineries on the Cincy Wine Wagon Tour

I’m pretty much up for any adventure that involves wine, which is why taking a tour of local wineries with Cincy WineWagon was a no brainer. I also love variety and this tour gave us three different wineries that each had their own personality and flavors.

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Columbus Food Adventures ~ Taco Truck Tour

Columbus Food Adventures ~ Taco Truck Tour

I joined Heather from The Food Hussy on a Taco Truck Tour with Columbus Food Adventures in Columbus, OH. I was excited about this for multiple reasons. Mainly because I LOVE Mexican food, taco trucks and any meal that I don’t have to cook.

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Dishcrawl ~ Taco Crawl on Pedal Wagons

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

My second experience with Dishcrawl Cincinnati was such a fun food tour experience.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

Our transportation for the evening was a pedal wagon. Our food theme was a taco crawl. Experience + Mexican food = Beautiful!

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

Our restuarants were a little farther apart than my last Dishcrawl tour  which is why we were using the Pedal Wagons for transportation.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

The pedal wagon does have a motor so you really don’t have to pedal that hard and pedaling is really pretty optional. You just need to pay attention to when the driver tells you to stop pedaling.

Our first stop was Mynt Martini located at Fountain Square where we tried Avocado Taco, Lobster Taco, Jerk chicken taco, Jerk beef taco. The avocado and jerk chicken taco were my favorite.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

Our next stop was Taqueria Mercado where we had the authentic taste of Mexico with a Carna Asada Taco, Seasoned chicken taco, Carnitas (Pork) taco all served with Pico and fresh Lemon (lime). They were incredible!!!! They had lots of cilantro and were very flavorful. There were also a few options for hot sauces too. The hotter the better!

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

So now our taco count is 7 tacos! 7 Tacos and we still have 5 more to go!

We might have needed to go a few more miles to work up more of an appetite for our next destination.

Our next stop was Arnold’s which has 150+ years of history.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour Arnold's

I absolutely loved the sitting area for our tacos at this stop. The open air patio at Arnold’s was set between buildings with live music and twinkling lights. This was a place that I have been wanting to check out that I had heard about for a long time.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour Arnold's

At Arnold’s we tried the Blackened Tilapia Taco, Seasoned beef taco, and Seasoned Chicken taco. We were pretty full but still managed to try a few bites of each taco. I really enjoyed the blackened tilapia taco there.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour Arnold's

Our final stop of the evening was Bakersfield. Our family had just visited Bakersfield for the first time a few weeks prior and loved it.

At Bakersfield we tried the Fish taco (Crispy mahi, Tabasco lime sauce, citrus slaw) and the Short rib Taco, (braised short rib, queso fresco, crema, pickled onions, cilantro radish)

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour Bakersfield

I took a bite of each taco and then boxed up the rest. 12 TACOS is A LOT of Food!!!!

I think the unofficial name of the tour should be the “Hurt so Good Tour!”  The food was fantastic and I really enjoyed another Dishcrawl experience where we got to experience new flavors and venues in our city.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

You can find out more about Dishcrawl from their website.


Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 


Dishcrawl ~ Cincinnati ~ Progressive Dinner Review

Have you heard of Dishcrawl before?


It combines all of the things I love….eating out, an excuse not to cook dinner, exploring foods at multiple restaurants and meeting new people.

I joined my friend Heather from  The Food Hussy on a progressive dinner style food adventure downtown with Dishcrawl Cincinnati.



You start by meeting Chef Michael at a prearranged destination and then sign waivers and receive a name tag. You don’t know where you are going to eat until right before you are on your way there which is what makes the experience a fun food adventure.



Ironically, it started raining right as we were meeting but we were lucky that we didn’t have too far to travel. The size of the group can vary from around 25-40+ people. The food is already prearranged so that you don’t have to over think what you are going to eat and you can just relax and enjoy your food and company.




Our first destination was Fusian, that is the Chipotle style concept of sushi.




When you visit Fusian, you get to create your ideal sushi roll and watch it being made in front of you.





We tried the Seaweed and Soy wrap (salmon with sweet chili) (steak with wasabi mayo) and (chicken with sweet soy.)


IMG_0548 IMG_0550



Our second destination was Jimmy G’s.




This restaurant was underground. I would never have known to check this place out.





We tried seasoned pork skewers on seasoned rice.




Apricot Bacon & Pork Tummy Tuck (confit pork belly, apple wood bacon, Harissa & Marcona Almonds, toasts)




Chocolate Raspberry Mouse






Our weather cleared up as we made our way to our final destination.




Our third restaurant was The Blue Wisp.





We tried Spinach artichoke spread with flat bread toast points, Broiled Cod on Seasoned Mashed Potatoes with sauce chevron.




We also experienced their Taste of Cincinnati award winning bread pudding with carmel sauce.




There is live music at The Blue Wisp 7 nights a week.




I had been to Fusian before, our family loves sushi and really enjoyed our previous visits there. I have liked everything I have tried there and will definitely be back.

Jimmy G’s was a restaurant that I probably would have not checked out without the knowledge of Dishcrawl. Their pork belly with bacon and apricot was a flavorful combination that I have never tried before, that was delicious. Their chocolate mouse dessert was a hit too.


The Blue Wisp was a restaurant that we had been to years ago and I had been wanting to check it out again for a while. I loved their food. Everything we ate there was something that I would definitely order again.




I really enjoyed my first Dishcrawl experience and look forward to trying more Dishcrawls in the future. Dishcrawl is a great way to try new foods at new places with new friends.


Here are a few things that you should know before you go. 

Come hungry. – You will eat a lot of food.

You pay for your drinks at each location. Check out what the drink specials are at each location.

Ask questions. –  This will help you mingle with your fellow food adventurers.

If you have dietary restrictions make sure you make Chef Michael aware of them ahead of time.



You can learn more about Dishcrawl Cincinnati from their website. There are different tours all over the city and you can also customize tours if you have a large group.



Disclosure: I was given a complimentary tour for review purposes. All opinions are my own.




Findlay Market – Taste the World – Food Tour

Findlay Market - Taste the World - Food Tour A few weeks ago, I joined Heather from the Food Hussy for a “Taste of the World Tour” at Findlay Market.

IMG_9863 2

The tour started at Daisy Mae’s Market.


First, we sampled different jams and jellies from Yoder’s Amish Farm at Daisy Mae’s. All of them were really good. The pepper jelly might have been my favorite.




We also tried a homemade strawberry mango salsa. I would have never have thought to put those ingredients together but it was really good. The cilantro was an unexpected ingredient that added a lot of great flavor. Daisy Mae’s provides local produce when it’s in season and also tries to keep healthy produce accessible to all.


The group was divided in two and our leader was Barb. She let us know that the tour was beginning when we saw her put on the hat.


The hat also helped us locate her in a crowd of people as we moved around during the market. I did feel the urge to start a conga line and sing the “Chiquita banana” song but I resisted.

inside market

Our tour took us inside and outside of Findlay Market. Our next stop was bread from the Bean Haus.  They started with coffee and then branched out to baking. They make all of their bread with the mixer that you see in the picture below.

IMG_9833 2

We tried a focaccia bread with provolone and pepperoni.

IMG_9830 2


They make 1500 loaves of hand formed bread a day.

IMG_9834 2

During the tour you will learn a lot about the history of Findlay Market.  There are 35 full time merchants who are there everyday but Monday.

We went to a nearby brick and mortar bakery and cafe next.

IMG_9836 2

S and J bakery and cafe uses local ingredients for their cafe items, makes pastries and cakes, dressings in house and also makes their bread fresh daily.

IMG_9837 5

We sampled their incredible chocolate mousse with blueberry.

IMG_9840 2

The tour also gives you the opportunity to hear from the business owners and top employees who really give you insight to why they are so passionate about their businesses.

IMG_9838 4

Barb did a great job of telling us the history of Findlay Market and the surrounding area. There is so much in this area that can be overlooked if you don’t know what to look for.

IMG_9849 2

Our next food sample came from Eli’s BBQ.


I just did a review on their other location a few weeks prior. We received a generous sample of their pulled pork sandwich.

IMG_9847 3

Eli’s uses a rub blended from Findlay Market vendor, Colonel De.

Our next destination was Churchill’s Fine Teas.


The owner’s wife was from London and wanted good tea in the states and always struggled to find it so they started Churchill’s. Their store carries 263 teas from all over the world.

IMG_9856 5


Churchill’s Tea is sells loose leaf tea by the ounce.  My sample was the lemon drop tea.

IMG_9854 2

Our last food stop of the tour was Taste of Belgium.


We sampled their waffles. The Taste of Belgium’s waffles are denser than waffles that you might be used to . I’ve had their amazing chicken and waffles from their sit down restaurant location. I’ve also tried a few of their other desserts from the Findlay Market location. I don’t think it’s possible to make a wrong selection. Everything is really good.

IMG_9858 3

The end of our tour offered the optional wine or beer tasting add on for $5 more.

IMG_9861 2

Heather and I joined Barb at Market Wines to sample a few of the wines.

IMG_9862 3

IMG_9867 2

I really enjoyed the tour and the opportunity to hear the heart of some of the vendors who make Findlay Market such a great jewell in Cincinnati.

Findlay Market

The tour gives you a great variety of food vendors and a lot of history and information about Findlay Market that most people aren’t aware of.

IMG_9846 5


I’m so excited about all of the great improvements and the development happening in Over the Rhine. Our families loves going downtown. If you are a little more intimidated by the unfamiliar, this is the perfect tour for you. The vendors vary on the tour depending on availability. What’s great is that you have someone to guide you through the experience, who will also give you confidence and knowledge to not let it be your last visit to Findlay Market.

If you enjoy local foods, you have an insider giving you information of vendors who can help you enjoy or create a great meal.

You can find out more about Cincinnati Food Tours from their website.

There are some tours coming up that take place during special Bunbury Festival discount days at Findlay Market. The first date is this Thursday, May 16 at 4 pm. Guests can apply the price of their Taste the World ticket toward the 5 receipts needed to get a 20% discount to Bunbury. There’s another special Bunbury day with a tour on Sunday, May 19.

Cincinnati Food Tours also provides custom tours for groups of 10 or more–birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events, etc.

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary tour for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I also have some exciting news!

I’ve been given 2 basic tours ($40 value) to give away.

Congratulations to Taylor Greear for winning 2 tickets.

To Enter

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