Inspirational Quotes from the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in DC

There are so many inspiring quotes at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in DC. The quotes give you insight to character of this former president. His words are still wise and relevant today.

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Holiday Scenes from Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill


Holiday Scenes from Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill KY

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill has been a popular tourist destination for generations of families. In fact, I remember visits to Shaker Village from my childhood. As an adult, I got to experience a visit with a fresh perspective and appreciation. One of the first things you will notice when you step on the property is how peaceful it is there. It looks like an old New England town with 34 of the 260 original structures still on the property. The road between the buildings was once the main road that took travelers to Lexington into the 1970’s. Shaker Village has become a recent Discovery Destination because of all of the hands on engagement opportunities available to visitors.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Holiday

Holiday Scenes from Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill KY

So who were the Shakers?

The Shakers were America’s largest and best known 19th century communal society. A small group of them came to Central Kentucky in 1805, and on a small farm near Harrodsburg they started a community called Pleasant Hill. By 1823 it had grown to Shakers and 4500 acres.

I learned several interesting things about the Shakers during my visit. They were a celibate community which is why the community died out over time but they were not opposed to alcohol. At the peak of it’s day there were around 6,000 members. 3/4 of the kids in the community eventually left. They received an 8th grade education and a trade. The Shakers believed that their work was worship and were known for their quality craftsmanship. They were also known for their quality livestock, packaged seeds (which they invented) medicinal herbs, and brooms (they sold about 50,000 brooms a year).The name “Shaker” was a description of how they moved during their services. Their official name was “United Society of Believer’s in Christ’s 2nd Coming.” They were progressive for their time because they believed in gender and racial equality. They also avoided a lot of epidemics because they were so clean and lived on average 20-30 years longer.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill grounds

Make sure that you don’t leave the property without enjoying a meal. The farm to table restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have never tried the lemon pie, I would highly recommend it. They still use the original Shaker recipe and it’s unlike any lemon pie I’ve ever had before. It’s made with the entire lemon rind and has no seeds. While you are dining, take note of the pegs in every room. The Shakers were very practical in their simplicity and the pegs offered a lot of solutions for keeping areas clean and tidy. They could even adjust the light in a room by adjusting their candleholder up or down on the peg.

Shaker Village 17

Lemon pie at Shaker Village

dining at Shaker Village

While you are on the property, there are several buildings to explore. I encourage you to ask lots of questions when you encounter a historical reenactor. It is also a good idea to get a schedule of activities going on that day so that you don’t miss any of the hands on demonstrations, performances, or tours.

Shaker Village Building

Red Stockings at Shaker Village

ornament at Shaker Village

Christmas Tree at Shaker Village

Shaker Village 18

stairs at Shaker Village

winding staircase Shaker Village

window view Shaker Village

Shaker Village loom

Loom at Shaker Village

Seeds at Shaker Village

Brooms at Shaker Village

broom at Shaker Village

If you are looking for a unique gift to remember your visit, there are two areas on the property where you can purchase gifts.

Shaker Village 22

Shaker Village 21

Shaker Village 19

That afternoon we took a tour of the property by hayride. We enjoyed a Bourbon Mulled cider, gorgeous scenery, an education on communal farming, and a beautiful Kentucky sunset.

Drink at Shaker Village

drinks at Shaker Village

Drinks and hayrides Shaker Village

Barn at Shaker Village

Holiday Sleigh at Shaker Village

Shaker Village 23

Shaker Village grounds

street at Shaker Village

sleigh at Shaker Village

Shaker Village 16

Shaker Village Sleigh

Shaker Village 8

That evening we took a candlelight tour led by visitor engagement coordinator, Elsa Wachter. This experience gave us a unique perspective and the opportunity to ask as many questions as we could think of. She was a wealth of information and made the tour very interesting.

candletlight at Shaker Village

Candlelight tour Shaker Village

That evening, I stayed overnight on the third floor of the Trustees’ office which gave me a nice view of the other buildings. My room had a Keurig, private bathroom, and television. I decided to stay partially unplugged by keeping my tv turned off that evening. I really enjoyed the quiet. There are 72 overnight guest rooms throughout the village. If you have younger kids, you might want one of the options that is more private. There are some buildings where you could be the only guests.

window view at night Shaker Village

Guest room at Shaker Village

chair with a view Shaker Village

The following day, I took a few final views of the grounds before we departed.

horses at Shaker Village

Horse at fence Shaker Village

I was sad to leave this charming destination but I definitely want to come back again to try out some of their more unique adventures that Shaker Village offers like the GLOW Paddle. I really want to try their Paddle + Yoga Weekends too.  Shaker Village offers lots of opportunities to connect and explore for ages young and old year round. You can find out more for planning your visit to the 3,000 acre Shaker Village by visiting their website. 

Shaker Village 21

Shaker Village 20

Shaker Village 11

Shaker Village 13

Thanks to Kentucky Tourism and Shaker Village for hosting my visit. 


Discover Why You Will Fall in Love With Annapolis

Discover Why You Will Fall in Love With Annapolis

I absolutely LOVED my visit to Annapolis, Maryland. There are sooooo many reasons why it’s a city that I want to bring my family back to. It’s a city that appeals to all of your senses. Beautiful historic buildings that provide architectural eye candy in every direction, a walkable downtown that makes it almost feel like a small town, a city rich in history and tradition, and a wonderful culinary scene located in close proximity to the water.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Day Trip to Yellow Springs

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Northwestern Indiana was the meeting point to pick up my boys who were visiting family in Michigan. It was a 2 hour drive for them and around 4 hours for me. It was also a great excuse to visit a city that we had never explored before.

So what is there to do around Valparaiso?

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5 Types of People Who Would Enjoy the Beyond the Bricks Tour


5 Types of People who would enjoy the Beyond the Bricks Tour

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3 Affordable Adventures in South Bend Indiana

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