A Tour of the USS LST 325

Tour of the USS LST 325

The USS LST 325 made a brief visit for a few days to Cincinnati, Ohio for public tours. I first observed the transport ship from afar on the Ohio River in Evansville, Indiana, a few years ago. The ship resides in Evansville most of the time. We were really excited to get the opportunity to tour the inside while it was in Cincy.

USS LST 325 tour

LST stands for Landing Ship, Tank and this ship was the largest one ever designed to drop off transport on a hostile beach. What’s even more amazing is that the LST is still operable today.


 USS LST 325

You start the tour on the lower level.

Inside the USS LST 325

One of the first things we noticed was the Greek writing as we entered the ship.

Greek writing on USS LST 325

The USS LST 325 was sold to the Greek Navy after it was no longer needed in the war. Years  later, a group of retired U.S. Veterans acquired the LST when they found out that is was going to be scrapped. One of the conditions was that the Greek writing and art had to stay. You will notice those signs and symbols along your tour throughout the ship.

Greek symbol on USS LST 325 17

The Upper Level was really interesting because we were able to observe the guns upclose and get an idea of how huge the ship really is.

Scope view on USS LST 325

Gun on USS LST 325

The LST 325 had 54 volunteers helping in a variety of ways. Make sure that you talk to them and ask lots of questions because they know so much about the ship. It’s also great to know that money used for the tours helps keep the ship in operation. It was definitely worth the $20 for the two of us to walk on such a historical ship.

Main Deck on USS LST 325

Main Deck on USS LST 325

 USS LST 325

Rivet on USS LST 325

The Jeep on display was actually used in the show MASH.

Jeep USS LST 325

Captain's Cabin on USS LST 325

Life preserver on the USS LST 325

Upper level USS LST 325 20

View of main deck of USS LST 325

Steering Wheel USS LST 325

Lettering of USS LST 325

Axe on USS LST 325

Bottom of Higgins boat USS LST 325

Gun on USS LST 325

My husband and I each have grandparents who fought in WW2. One of my husband’s grandfathers was even stationed on a ship just like this one in the war and his job was to work the gun on the upper deck. It was really interesting to get a sense of perspective for what his grandfather’s position would have been like. I can only imagine how scary it would be in battle.



signage of USS LST 325

Higgins boat on USS LST 325

upper deck of USS LST 325

axe on USS LST 325

light on USS LST 325

The LST 325 Memorial resides in Evansville, Indiana most of the year so you’ll want to check the calendar for details so that you can see it for yourself.


You can find out more about the USS LST 325 from the website. 


5 Reasons to Photowalk and Shop at Findlay Market


5 Reasons to Photowalk and Shop at Findlay Market

Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio is always a great place to shop local and observe community in action. There is constant flow a of activity going on with vendors and artisans selling their goods. The surrounding buildings also deserve attention which makes it a fun place to take pictures for a photowalk too.

Findlay Market Mustache

Findlay Market

I’m sharing 5 of my favorite reasons for visiting Findlay Market.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 19

1.The History

Photowalk at Findlay Market 21

Findlay Market has been favorite destination for generations of locals and tourists alike. It is Ohio’s oldest continuously operated public market and houses indoor vendors year round along with outdoor vendors during the warmer months.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 28

The market opened in 1852 and still uses the original steel beams today.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 29

The street surrounding Findlay Market also have stories to tell as detailed on their historical markers.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 14

2. Art Deco

Photowalk at Findlay Market 23

If you LOVE architecture, you will LOVE Findlay Market.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 31

The buildings are absolutely gorgeous! Cincinnati has one of the largest concentrations of Italianate architecture in the country. The detail is incredible.

Photowalk at Findlay Market

Photowalk at Findlay Market 13

Photowalk at Findlay Market 32

3. Color 

Photowalk at Findlay Market 33

The surrounding buildings have bold colors but the market also boasts of life everywhere from flowers to food.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 30

Photowalk at Findlay Market 10

Photowalk at Findlay Market 26

Photowalk at Findlay Market 4

Photowalk at Findlay Market 25

Photowalk at Findlay Market 8JPG

Photowalk at Findlay Market 9

You will also find art if you look for it.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 16

Photowalk at Findlay Market 17

Photowalk at Findlay Market 15

4. Each Vendor has a story

Photowalk at Findlay Market 3

I love talking to the vendors because they are passionate about what they carry, whether it’s produce, recipe creations, or something that they created or hand picked for their store. Each vendor takes their craft seriously and adds so much value to the Findlay Market community. Want to know where you food came from? Just ask. Many of the vendors at Findlay Market also supply for popular restaurants in our community too.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 12

Photowalk at Findlay Market 5

Photowalk at Findlay Market 24

5. Great Food

Photowalk at Findlay Market 27

It’s great to know where your food came from by talking to the people who helped create or harvest it. You can also grab a snack, a meal, or inspirations and ingredients for your own creations during your visit.

Photowalk at Findlay Market 34

You can find out more about Findlay Market from their website. 

Findlay Market is located at 1801 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

A Family Style Threshers Dinner at Amish Acres

A Family Style Threshers Dinner at Amish Acres

When you visit Amish Acres for the 1st time, part of the experience is enjoying a meal in their restaurant barn.

Amish Acres Restaurant

The menu at the Amish Acres Restaurant has not changed for nearly five decades which tells you that generations of families have been coming to enjoy this family style meal together. Another great thing about their family style dinner is that you are encouraged to ask for seconds if you really like it.

Amish Acres Restaurant 3

The inside of the barn is beautiful with lots of seating.

Amish Acres Restaurant 4

For starters we had a basket of freshly baked hearth bread served with churned butter, apple butter, sweet & sour cabbage slaw, and “Last of the Garden Relish.”

Threshers Dinner 2

Threshers Dinner. 4

I could seriously eat bread with homemade Apple Butter all day long. It is so wonderful!

Threshers Dinner. 8

Next we were served from an Iron Kettle with Thick Ham and Bean Soup.

Threshers Dinner. 6

Threshers Dinner. 5

My younger son loved it so much that he requested another bowl after the main course.

Threshers Dinner. 7

For the main course you can choose two meat selections per table (Broasted Country Chicken, Honey-Baked & Hickory-Smoked Ham, Festive Roast Turkey, Tender Roast Beef)

Threshers Dinner 16

We opted for the broasted country chicken and the tender roast beef.

Threshers Dinner. 13

Threshers Dinner. 11

The sides that came with dinner were beef & egg noodles, green beans, mashed potatoes & giblet gravy, sage dressing,

Threshers Dinner. 9

Threshers Dinner.12

Threshers Dinner.10

Threshers Dinner 14

Make sure that you pace yourself because there is so much food to eat and you will want to leave some room for dessert! Trust me.

Threshers Dinner 15

For dessert you will probably need a few moments to take in all of the amazing options that are presented in front of you. I suggest the strategy of having everyone get something different so that you can try a bite of each others.

Threshers Dinner 17

Threshers Dinner. 21

Threshers Dinner. 19

Threshers Dinner. 20

Threshers Dinner. 18

Yes, we sampled each others and yes it was amazing!

Amish Acres Restaurant 9

Pricing during our visit for the Threshers Dinner was 18.95 per adult, child (4-11) 1.25 per year. *Make sure that you check the website for current pricing.  After your meal you can purchase some of your favorite items from the gift shop.

Amish Acres Restaurant 7

Amish Acres Restaurant 8

You can find out more about Amish Acres from their website.

Amish Acres Restaurant 5

Amish Acres is located at 1600 W Market St, Nappanee, IN 46550.


Disclosure: I received a complimentary family meal for review purposes. All opinons are my own. 

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