Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


My family recently went to Pittsburgh on a hosted trip with Visit Pittsburgh to see what Pittsburgh has the offer for kids. Our first stop during our visit was the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

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Superman’s 75th Anniversary ~ Fun Photo Shoot at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal


As a child, I always thought that Union Terminal in Cincinnati looked like a place that superheroes in the cartoons met at. I found out I was pretty close to that conclusion. Union Terminal was the design inspiration for the Hall of Justice used by DC Comics’ Justice League. The Hall of Justice first appeared in the 1970’s in the cartoon Superfriends and the design for the Hall of Justice is still used today.


The boys and I joined a member from the Cincinnati Museum Center’s social media team for a fun Superman inspired photo shoot to celebrate the occasion of Superman’s 75th anniversary. These are my pictures from our time together.

Superman's 75th Anniversary ~ Fun Photo Shoot at Cincinnati's Union Terminal

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The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit


My husband and I look the trip of a lifetime to Israel after graduating from college in 1998. We spent 3 weeks in Israel. We stayed at a kibbutz our first week, our second week was at a hotel on the shores of the Sea of Galalee and our thrid week was at a hotel in downtown Jerusalem.  We got to see a lot of biblical history brought to life during our daily tours on our trip.

One of our tours during our trip included a visit near the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

I was so excited when I found out that the Dead Sea Scrolls were on display in our city.  I had seen the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit in Grand Rapids, Michigan several years prior and wanted to take advantage of allowing our kids to have a taste of our experience.

Before taking the kids to the exhibit, we showed them some of the pictures from our trip.  I also showed them two bags of candy in my purse that upon a satisfactory visit to the museum would be theirs after we finished visiting the exhibit.  Yes, I bribe my kids sometimes or as I would prefer to say, reward them every now and then.

A visit to the Cincinnati Museum Center is always a fun experience with my kids.

The opening of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit begins with a larger than life landscape of images from Israel. I really think this beginning visual presentation helped set up the interest level for my boys in the exhibit.

Each area displayed screens that told the stories through images while the narrator shared information.

The exhibit offers an abundance of archaeological treasures spanning thousands of years.

You will learn unbelievable methods used to preserve the scrolls in the early years and how technology is currently preserving the documents for years to come.

One interesting fact that I learned was that Cincinnati also played a large role in helping preserve the photographic copies of the scrolls in 1967.


The exhibit does not allow photography in the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls are located to help preserve and protect them.  That means you will need to experience this exhibit for yourself to see what the scrolls look like and what the remainder of the exhibit showcases.

If you can’t make the trip to Israel, going to the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit is the next best thing.  Even if you have made the trip, the exhibit is a great reminder of the history and incredible scenery.

You can get involved in the conversation by sharing about your experience through various social media outlets.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime exhibit!

The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit will be at Cincinnati Museum Center until April 14, 2013.

You can learn more about planning a visit from their website.

You can enter to win 4 vouchers to The Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit below.

**** This is for the Cincinnati Museum Center location only.

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Disclosure: I was given vouchers to giveaway and admission to the exhibit for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

FREE in DC- United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


We visited ALOT of places during our time in DC.

The United States Holocaust Museum in D.C. stood out to me for so many reasons. My husband and I visited the Holocaust Museum in Israel back in ’98 and it was a sobering reminder of the disgraceful things that happened to millions of innocent people.

This time was our opportunity to share this tragic piece of history with our kids.

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Vent Haven Museum

vent haven pic

This museum is a unique tourist destination. It was formed out of a passion to preserve the love of ventriloquism for generations to come. What started out as a collection grew into a full blown collection that spans centuries.

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Hitsville, USA – A visit to the Motown Museum in Detroit, Michigan


Hitsville USA Motown Museum in Detroit,Michigan

If you visit Detroit, you need to add Hitsville, USA otherwise known as the Motown Museum, to your itinerary.  This is the birthplace of the sound of Motown that launched musical legends.  You would almost miss it if you didn’t know to look for it.

Hitsville, USA - A visit to the Motown Museum in Detroit, Michigan

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