Snowshoe Trek to Lake Erie from Sawmill Creek Resort


Snow shoe trek group Cover


During our visit to the Sandusky area, we had perfect weather for a snowcation. The snow was falling down slowly and it felt like we were walking around inside a snow globe.

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Renting Snow Gear from Get Outfitted

Renting Snow Gear from GetOutfitted

I was given the opportunity to try out rental ski wear from Get Outfitted. I used the rental company on a trip to visit family in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My boys are in a big growth spurt stage and we are constantly discovering items of clothing that fit weeks ago that don’t fit anymore. They also tend to grow out of their ski gear pretty quickly too which made using Get Outfitted a nice alternative to the frustration of searching multiple stores for gear for the trip.

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Snow Tubing at Perfect North Slopes



The beauty of snow tubing at a ski resort is that you don’t have to do the work of tubing. Tubing at a park is pretty short lived because of the climb back up the hill. At Perfect North Slopes, you just stand on the moving carpet. We took our kids and my out of town friend to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana to ring in the new year by crossing an adventure off of my 2013 list. (taking the boys tubing at a ski resort).

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6 Unique Winter Adventures That You Can Try In Michigan


6 Unique Winter Adventures in Michigan

These are some of my favorite winter adventures that I tried last winter while living in Michigan. They are listed in no particular order because they were each special in their own way. Each unique adventure gave me the opportunity to meet people in diverse subcultures and try activities that were not part of my everyday world.

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Taking the Plunge – My 1st Polar Bear Plunge


polar bear plunge Cover

Let me start out by saying I do NOT like cold water.  I barely go swimming in the summer if the pool water feels too chilly.  So how did I end up in freezing cold water on an 18 degree day?  Because I’m crazy enough to have it on my bucket list and the opportunity arose.

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Driving a Dog Sled


Driving a dog sled

Dog sledding has been on my bucket list for awhile.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get to drive a dog sled.  I was so excited when we met Terry and he invited us to his home to try driving a dog sled.  We met him while he was giving demos for family Winterfest event at an outdoor nature preserve.

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Intro to Curling

Intro to Curling Cover

Taking an intro to curling class is what happens when you have a lunch conversation with your hubby about random Winter Olympic sports,  a constant curiosity for fun activities and a smart phone. That led to a search for a place where we could try curling, which resulted in my husband and I driving thru a winter snow storm to try this adventure.  My husband is a good sport and we decided to make the $10 intro to curling class a unique date night.

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