What’s Underneath the Roadtrippers Building?

What's Underneath the Roadtrippers Building

When given the option for adventure, I typically go for adventure. That’s why I was really excited when one of the Roadtrippers employees offered to give my friend and I a tour of the building where our travel writer meet up was held that evening.

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A Tour of the USS LST 325

Tour of the USS LST 325

The USS LST 325 made a brief visit for a few days to Cincinnati, Ohio for public tours. I first observed the transport ship from afar on the Ohio River in Evansville, Indiana, a few years ago. The ship resides in Evansville most of the time. We were really excited to get the opportunity to tour the inside while it was in Cincy.

USS LST 325 tour

LST stands for Landing Ship, Tank and this ship was the largest one ever designed to drop off transport on a hostile beach. What’s even more amazing is that the LST is still operable today.


 USS LST 325

You start the tour on the lower level.

Inside the USS LST 325

One of the first things we noticed was the Greek writing as we entered the ship.

Greek writing on USS LST 325

The USS LST 325 was sold to the Greek Navy after it was no longer needed in the war. Years  later, a group of retired U.S. Veterans acquired the LST when they found out that is was going to be scrapped. One of the conditions was that the Greek writing and art had to stay. You will notice those signs and symbols along your tour throughout the ship.

Greek symbol on USS LST 325 17

The Upper Level was really interesting because we were able to observe the guns upclose and get an idea of how huge the ship really is.

Scope view on USS LST 325

Gun on USS LST 325

The LST 325 had 54 volunteers helping in a variety of ways. Make sure that you talk to them and ask lots of questions because they know so much about the ship. It’s also great to know that money used for the tours helps keep the ship in operation. It was definitely worth the $20 for the two of us to walk on such a historical ship.

Main Deck on USS LST 325

Main Deck on USS LST 325

 USS LST 325

Rivet on USS LST 325

The Jeep on display was actually used in the show MASH.

Jeep USS LST 325

Captain's Cabin on USS LST 325

Life preserver on the USS LST 325

Upper level USS LST 325 20

View of main deck of USS LST 325

Steering Wheel USS LST 325

Lettering of USS LST 325

Axe on USS LST 325

Bottom of Higgins boat USS LST 325

Gun on USS LST 325

My husband and I each have grandparents who fought in WW2. One of my husband’s grandfathers was even stationed on a ship just like this one in the war and his job was to work the gun on the upper deck. It was really interesting to get a sense of perspective for what his grandfather’s position would have been like. I can only imagine how scary it would be in battle.



signage of USS LST 325

Higgins boat on USS LST 325

upper deck of USS LST 325

axe on USS LST 325

light on USS LST 325

The LST 325 Memorial resides in Evansville, Indiana most of the year so you’ll want to check the calendar for details so that you can see it for yourself.


You can find out more about the USS LST 325 from the website. 


View Replicas of Columbus’ Ships in Newport, KY

View Replicas of Columbus' Ships in Newport, KY

If you have ever wondered what early exploration was like, you will want to check out the Columbus Ships in Newport, Kentucky. There are two replica ships on display for a limited time.

Columbus Ships Replicas 3
Columbus Ships Replicas 57
Columbus Ships Replicas 55
Columbus Ships Replicas 50
Columbus Ships Replicas 40
Columbus Ships Replicas 32
Columbus Ships Replicas 43
The Nina is believed to be the most historically accurate replica of a Columbus Ship ever built and the Pinta, which is the newest addition that was built in Brazil out of Brazilian hardwoods by 8th generation shipbuilders.
Columbus Ships Replicas 5
For a limited time you have the opportunity to get up close to these replicas and learn about what exploration was like during Christopher Columbus’ lifetime.
Columbus Ships Replicas 16
Columbus Ships Replicas 15
 Columbus Ships Replicas 28
Columbus Ships Replicas 24
Columbus Ships Replicas 29
Columbus Ships Replicas 21
Columbus Ships Replicas 30
Make sure that you talk to the volunteers on board because they are a wealth of knowledge and they also have really interesting stories about their adventures while traveling with the replicas.
 Columbus Ships Replicas 22
Columbus Ships Replicas 4
Columbus Ships Replicas 10
Columbus Ships Replicas 7
If you have a sense of adventure you will want to check out the volunteer opportunities where you can travel with the crew to various ports.
Columbus Ships Replicas 60

The Columbus Ships will be in Newport, Kentucky at Riverboat Row

 Thursday, September 10 – Sunday, September 20th

Columbus Ships Replicas 19


The ships are open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


$8.00 for Adults

$7.00 for seniors and $6.00 for students aged 5 – 16.

Children aged 4 and under are free.

*Groups of 15 or more can schedule a 30 minutes guided tour. Contact (787) 672- 2152 or email columfnd1492@gmail.com.

Columbus Ships Replicas 37

Columbus Ships Replicas 62

You can find out more from the Columbus Ships website.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary admission for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Discovering Local Wineries on the Cincy WineWagon Tour

Discovering Local Wineries on the Cincy Wine Wagon Tour

I’m pretty much up for any adventure that involves wine, which is why taking a tour of local wineries with Cincy WineWagon was a no brainer. I also love variety and this tour gave us three different wineries that each had their own personality and flavors.

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10 Reasons to Day Trip to Columbus, Indiana

10 Reasons to Daytrip to Columbus, Indiana

I take pride in knowing about little gems and attractions. That’s why I was floored to learn that I was unaware of a whole entire city that was only 1.5 hours away from me that is known for modern architecture.

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Historic Walking Tour at Churchill Downs

Historic Walking Tour at Churchill Downs Cover

When you visit the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville, make sure that you take advantage of the 30 minute guided historic walking tour at Churchill Downs that is included with your admission.

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Outdoor Adventure on an ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch

ATV-Tour-at-Wilstem-Ranch Cover

I have a confession. ATVs have always made me a little nervous. I love controlled risk.  I enjoy extreme adventures that have safety equipment (like ziplining or ones that have a track like on an extreme roller coaster) ….but adventures without them are WAY more out of my comfort zone. When we planned our ATV tour at Wilstem Ranch, my husband was supposed to be there …but he had a work conflict at the last minute which meant that I would be the one driving the ATV during our visit.

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“Exploring Nature With Children” Guided Hike with A Walk in the Woods


Exploring Nature with Children Guided Hike with A Walk in the Woods

My boys are hit or miss when it comes to hiking. That’s why I was excited to check out the “Exploring Nature with Kids” guided hike with A Walk in the Woods during our visit to the Gatlinburg area.

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