A Mother’s Day Gift that Will Inspire You to Live to the Fullest


A Mother's Day Gift that Will Inspire You to Live to the Fullest

One of the best parts about my crazy adventures and travels, are the people that I get to meet along the way. I had the privilege of riding Cedar Point’s newest thrill ride Valravn on opening night….. but I had the even greater privilege of meeting Violet while in line for the ride.

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What We Loved About Michigan’s Adventure


What We Loved About Michigan's Adventure 2

Michigan’s Adventure is a smaller amusement park compared to some of the other Cedar Fair Amusement Parks but it still has a LOT to offer for the whole family.  Ironically, we never visited Michigan’s Adventure when we lived in Michigan and just visited for the 1st time once we lived out of state.

Michgan's Adventures 7

Here is what we enjoyed the most during our visit.

1. Thunderhawk

Michgan's Adventures 15

Thunderhawk is a suspended steel roller coaster that simulates flight with speeds of 50 mph and heights of 120 feet. The ride is smooth and the flips are fun! We liked this one so much that we rode it a few times in a row.

2. Shivering Timbers

Michigan's Adventures 14

Shivering Timbers

Shivering Timbers is the longest wooden roller coaster in Michigan! The variety of hills and speeds that reach 65mph make this ride a must during your visit.

3. Mad Mouse and Corkscrew

Mad Mouse

Mad Mouse is a fun ride that seats 4 people in a car with quick turns and hills. The Corkscrew coaster ride time goes by really fast with speeds up to 45mph and two inversions.

Michgan's Adventures 5

3. Wildwater Adventure Waterpark!

Michgan's Adventures 9

The waterpark at Michigan’s Adventure honestly went above and beyond my expectations. I was really impressed with all of the waterslide options in the park. Your admission ticket to Michigan’s Adventure includes the waterpark which gives you double the fun.

Michgan's Adventures 11

There are rides for the whole family here. There are several areas for smaller kids to swim and play along with three separate wave pools that each offer small, medium or large sized waves.

Wildwater Adventure Waterpark 2

Michgan's Adventures 12

Wildwater Adventure Waterpark 4

Wildwater Adventure Waterpark 3

Michgan's Adventures 8

This waterpark has a great amount of big water slides. You have to carry your own tube up for some of the slides which also doubles as a cardio workout.

Michgan's Adventures 13

Make sure that you allow for enough time to check out all of the slides because the waterpark closes earlier than the regular park.

Michgan's Adventures 14

4. Rides for all ages

Michigan's Adventures 15

If you have younger kids you will have lots of rides to choose from.

Michgan's Adventures 6

Michgan's Adventures 17

Michgan's Adventures 16

5. Classic Rides

Michgan's Adventures 3

I loved that Michigan’s Adventure had the classic type of rides that you see at a festival but you have comfort of knowing that everything is permanently secured to the ground.

Michgan's Adventures 18

6. Short Lines

During our visit we never waited more than 30 minutes for a ride which gave us more time to see more of the park and go back to the rides we enjoyed.

7. Dining Plan Options

Michgan's Adventures 10

You can get a better value by purchasing an All day dining plan if you plan on being at the park all day and don’t want to worry about planning meals.

Michgan's Adventures 19

We had a great time at Michigan’s Adventure. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are visiting West Michigan.

You can find out more about Michigan’s Adventure from their website. 

Michgan's Adventures

Michigan’s Adventure is located at 1198 West Riley-Thompson Road, Muskegon, MI 49445.




Disclosure: I received complimentary admission for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Reasons to Stay Onsite at Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers

Reasons to Stay Onsite at Cedar Point's Hotel Breakers

I’ve stayed both onsite and offsite when I’ve visited Cedar Point Amusement Park over the years.  I have to say that I feel like staying onsite does really make a difference.

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Cirque Imagine at Kings Island


  Cirque Imagine Cover 1.jpg

My family joined me to preview the newest entertainment show at Kings Island. My family LOVES to go on the rides at Kings Island. It’s really hard to pull us away to attend a show.

Cirque Imagine at Kings Island

Cirque Imagine was worth taking a break from the rides for!

Cirque Imagine at Kings Island

The show completely went above and beyond my expectations!

Cirque Imagine at Kings Island

Cirque Imagine at Kings Island

This 30 minute show will take you for a ride!

Cirque Imagine at Kings Island

Cirque Imagine at Kings Island

Cirque Imagine at Kings Island

There were incredible displays of athleticism and flexibility.

Cirque Imagine at Kings Island

You will find yourself saying WOW over and over. This is a show you will want to see again!


Cirque Imagine is included the cost of admission and offers performances 6 days a week.  Make sure you plan your visit accordingly.


Show ScheduleMonday: No shows
Tuesday: 3:00, 5:00, 7:00
Wednesday: 3:00, 5:00, 7:00
Thursday: 3:00, 5:00, 7:00
Friday: 3:00, 5:00, 7:00
Saturday: 1:30, 3:30, 5:00, 7:00
Sunday: 3:00, 5:00, 7:00

You can learn more about Kings Island from their website


Kings Island is located at 6300 Kings Island Dr. – Kings Island, OHIO  45034