What’s Underneath the Roadtrippers Building?

What's Underneath the Roadtrippers Building

When given the option for adventure, I typically go for adventure. That’s why I was really excited when one of the Roadtrippers employees offered to give my friend and I a tour of the building where our travel writer meet up was held that evening.

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“Livin In The Cin” Photo Challenge {Instagram Favorites}


One of my favorite forms of social media is Instagram. I LOVE checking out photos of friends and travelers. I also really enjoy taking pictures.

I’ve been a contributor for Cincinnati USA’s Livin In The Cin campaign over the past few months where myself and a few other local bloggers highlight hidden gems in our city.

My third mission from Cincinnati USA was to “Photograph one or more things, places, people, etc. that represent the challenge word given and show off reasons you are excited to live in Cincinnati USA.”

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