Survival Tips for HalloWeekends at Cedar Point if You Don’t like Scary Things



I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to scary things.

I realize that I’m supposed to be all about adventure.

Giant roller coasters… No problem!


Haunted Houses….We have a problem.

So what do you do when you DON’T love scary things, but you LOVE scary rides????

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A Mother’s Day Gift that Will Inspire You to Live to the Fullest


A Mother's Day Gift that Will Inspire You to Live to the Fullest

One of the best parts about my crazy adventures and travels, are the people that I get to meet along the way. I had the privilege of riding Cedar Point’s newest thrill ride Valravn on opening night….. but I had the even greater privilege of meeting Violet while in line for the ride.

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Reasons to Stay Onsite at Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers

Reasons to Stay Onsite at Cedar Point's Hotel Breakers

I’ve stayed both onsite and offsite when I’ve visited Cedar Point Amusement Park over the years.  I have to say that I feel like staying onsite does really make a difference.

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Adventures at Cedar Point Amusement Park

top thrill dragster

My family and I had a great weekend adventure in Sandusky, Ohio at Cedar Point Amusement Park. Cedar Point hosted Bloggy Con which is a conference for variety of bloggers. The park is located on a mile long peninsula surrounded by Lake Erie on both sides.

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