Why you need to check out the 1st Cincinnati Style Vegetarian Chili on the Cincinnati Chili Trail

Cincinnati Style Vegetarian Chili

We were invited to check out the new Cincinnati style vegetarian chili at Gold Star Chili. I knew there was only one way to approach it with my kids….deception. I know that sounds really bad, right?

I wanted them to try the 1st Cincinnati style vegetarian chili on the Cincinnati Chili Trail with an open mind.

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The Solution When You are Homesick for Cincinnati Chili

The solution when you are homesick for Cincinnati Chili

When I lived out of state, there were certain foods that reminded me of home. Cincinnati style chili is one of them. I would ask my parents to bring me cans of Skyline chili every time that they visited me. They were even nice enough to bring me cases of it! When we lived out of state, we would invite people over for dinner from time to time to share our love of a Cincy favorite.

chili spaghetti

So what makes Skyline chili so great?


Skyline chili does not taste like traditional chili. The meat is fine and the sauce contains a unique blend of spices that include cocoa and cinnamon that are part of the owner’s Greek heritage and recipes brought to the states that give it a memorable flavor.

A few of the most popular ways to enjoy Skyline Chili are

3 Way- Spaghetti noodles, Skyline Chili and cheese

4 Way- Spaghetti noodles, Skyline Chili, cheese and beans or onions

5 Way – Spaghetti noodles, Skyline Chili, cheese, beans, and onions

Cheese coney- steamed bun, hot dog, chili, mustard and onion.

The shredded cheese is served in GENEROUS mounds on top of your menu item. You also get oyster crackers to put on top of your chili spaghetti.

cheese coney

Now that we live back in the Cincinnati area, we can enjoy Skyline chili whenever we want.

Skyline Chili

We also enjoying taking advantage of Skyline Chili offered on the All Season Dining plan at Kings Island.

All Season Dining Plan at Kings Island Cover

The image below is what you get on the All Season Dining Plan. Pretty amazing huh?

All Season Dining Plan at Kings Island5

I even get festive from time to time on St. Patrick’s Day and make green noodles to go with a can of Skyline Chili at home. It’s the little things, right?

green spaghetti

Want to share the love with someone you know? or Do you want to try it for the 1st time?

I’m giving away a $25 Gift Card

and two Skyline Samples

that you can send to someone out of state.

Skyline Chili Holiday Gift Card Giveaway


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You can find out more about Skyline chili and a location near you for their website.


Thanks to Skyline for providing gift cards for review and giveaway purposes. All opinions are my own.