How to Discover Outdoor Adventure in Columbus


How to Discover Outdoor Adventure in Columbus Ohio

When I visit a city, I seek out locations and experiences that are unique, that I can’t replicate anywhere else. I discovered that Columbus, Ohio has a lot to offer when it comes to connecting with nature through outdoor adventure. You can choose your own outdoor adventure in an urban setting, a scenic park, or the woods.

So did I find anything unique, that I couldn’t replicate anywhere else, in Columbus? YES, and there is a good chance that you will want to add these adventures to your list too!

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Fun Things to Do When You Visit Columbus

Fun Things to do when you visit Columbus

Columbus, Ohio offers a lot for visitors to see and do. I’m sharing some of my favorite stops in Columbus that I would recommend checking out.

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A few of the Roadside Attractions worth stopping for in Columbus


A few of the Roadside Attractions worth stopping for in Columbus

During a trip to Columbus, we decided to leave a few hours of our fate in the hands of our smartphones. We researched a place to eat and a few unique attractions to see before arriving at our destination of COSI.

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LEGO Creativity Tour in Columbus, Ohio

LEGO Kidsfest

My boys have enjoyed attending LEGO events over the past few years. They can easily spend hours at the events each year because there is so much to do and there are so many opportunities for them to create. As a parent, I enjoy watching my boys explore endless options to tap into their creative side….it’s also fun for me to join them.


fam in legos

LEGO Creativity Tour, Powered by LEGO KidsFest, comes to Columbus, OH!

This event delivers immersive building activities for all LEGO enthusiasts Nov. 20-22 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center


The LEGO Creativity Tour will offer children of all ages an opportunity to build, create and enjoy an immersive LEGO experience through engaging play areas, family-oriented building activities and more.


Some of the activities in the 118,000 square-foot space include:

* LEGO Model Museum: walk among life-sized models made from LEGO bricks
* Race Ramps: build a custom car, then race it down the ramp against friends and family
* Challenge Zone: the whole family is on the hook to show off their creative building skills in this emceed challenge
* Construction Zone: enjoy a creative build, play, and display area
* LEGO DUPLO: the youngest builders can explore building their imaginations and so many ways to play with DUPLO bricks
* Brick Battle Zone: join a team and compete in fun activities like relay races, tower speed build and bridge building contests
* Big Brick Pile: dive into the largest pile of LEGO bricks ever seen to build something amazing
* LEGO Art Gallery: create a custom masterpiece and display it for all to see
* Monochromatic Builds: limiting the materials to one color and one size creates amazing results
* And much more!

kidsfest louisville

“Since we began the LEGO KidsFest six years ago, we have been flooded with requests to visit more cities and regions across the country, but they don’t all have the space to host a KidsFest,” said Vince Rubino, senior events manager at LEGO Systems, Inc. “The LEGO Creativity Tour leverages some of the best of the LEGO KidsFest experience in a more flexible format to enable us to visit with even more families with an interactive, hands-on LEGO celebration.”


*Tickets for the LEGO Creativity Tour are $19 (plus tax and service fees).

Children under 2 are FREE.

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10 Reasons to Day Trip to Columbus, Indiana

10 Reasons to Daytrip to Columbus, Indiana

I take pride in knowing about little gems and attractions. That’s why I was floored to learn that I was unaware of a whole entire city that was only 1.5 hours away from me that is known for modern architecture.

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Don’t leave Columbus without stopping at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Cover1


When you visit Columbus you need to make sure that a visit to Jeni’s is on your list. Over the summer I was in Columbus for a work trip and Jeni’s was our first stop. I had heard good things about Jeni’s for a while and was curious about why there was so much buzz about their ice cream.

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32 Rooms of Books at The Book Loft of German Village

32 Rooms of Books at The Book Loft of German Village

I love discovering unexpected places during my travels. During a visit to Columbus, my coworker and I decided to walk around the German Village neighborhood after a visit to The Thurman Cafe.  I like to have a few places to visit ahead of time but I also love doing a little on site research to find hidden gems.

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