What it’s like to try the Luge when you are not an Olympic Athlete


What it's like to try the luge when you are not an Olympic athlete

I love when plans work out for a spontaneous adventure. My friend was already coming to town, so I just offered her  the “choose your own adventure” option for her visit.  Try the luge, cross country skiing or attend an ice sculpture festival.  I was sooo excited that she wanted to try the luge too.  The weekend we went was the first time the track had been open all winter due to lack of snow.  This was a Christmas gift I’ve been impatiently waiting to use.

I had tried the wheeled luge track with my kids this past summer and I knew I wanted to come back to try the winter one.

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Discounted Fragrances for Spring

With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to try out a new fragrance.


Searching For a New Scent? Get a Discount Fragrance for More than 50% Off!

Sometimes, all we need is a little change to have a fresh start. “Out with the old, in with the new,” they say. Same thing when you’re searching for a new scent. But don’t just fall for something new. Find the best deal and scout for a discount fragrance.

Because we love finding bargains for you beautiful lady, we’ve checked out 6 discount fragrances from BeautyEncounter.com that are worth more than 50% off.

Cheap and Chic by Moschino for Women.

cheap and chic


Price is cheap; scent is definitely chic. If you like a subtle floral fresh fragrance, try Cheap and Chic by Moschino for Women. Water flowers and jasmine will fill your senses. It’s so refreshing you can wear this the entire year. Popeye’s Olive is the inspiration for this bottle. Hot deal price: $47.44 (52% off).

Vera Wang Truly Pink for Women.


vera wang


A new fragrance to wear on a first date? Try something elegant with Vera Wang Truly Pink. Its dreamy scent blends in various flowers such as pink rose accord, lychee blossom, pink lily of the valley, iris and white freesia. Surely, you will captivate your man with just a scent of truly pink. Hot deal price: $51.56 (51% off).

Rumeur 2 Rose by Lanvin for Women.


Some women are just too sweet. Others are just liberated. Combine the two and you get a playful sweetness coming from Rumeur 2 Rose by Lanvin. Rose and citrus scents of honeysuckle, grapefruit, lemon, rose and lily of the valley are combined to give you that flirty feel during spring and summer. Hot deal price: $47.49 (55% off).

Ed Hardy Born Wild for Women.

ed hardy


Now this is something for the fun and adventurous girl in you. Ed Hardy never fails to create a bottle that’s stylishly girly and at the same time, playfully artistic. Ed Hardy Born Wild for Women was released in 2010. It’s a floral fragrance that gives the rich concoction of peach blossom, blackberry, magnolia, sandalwood and musk. This is something a girl who knows what she wants would absolutely wear. Hot deal price: $12.49 (50% off).

Bond No. 9 Brooklyn.



Think the streets of Brooklyn are filled with raw talent? You’ve got the right attitude by spraying some Bond No. 9 Brooklyn. This is an oriental fragrance for the adventurous and creative soul. Grapefruit, geranium, juniper, leather, gin and cedar are mixed to give you that edgy Brooklyn feel. Hot deal price: $148.75 (54% off).

Pretty Hot by Elizabeth Arden for Women.


Sometimes you need to reinvent yourself to give that oozing, sexy confidence. So you just came from a bad breakup but you have to quickly rise again and go with some major change. So after getting a new hairstyle, treat yourself to Pretty Hot by Elizabeth Arden. It’s an exotic fruity perfume perfect for the summer. A girl like you must be too hot to handle. Hot deal price: $31.13 (51% off).

Enjoy these huge savings at Beauty Encounter’s Hot Deals section. To fully enjoy more than 50% off, don’t miss out on joining their beSavvy Instant Savings Pass for free. Check this page for more details.


Disclosure: I was given compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. 



Adventures in Extreme Discounts at the Gap Clearance Store

Adventures in Extreme Discounts at the Gap Clearance Store

There is a place in Northern Kentucky that is a favorite shopping destination of mine. It is not for the faint of heart. In fact my husband does not like going and it is a form of torture to bring my kids there with me. The place is the Gap Clearance Center in Hebron, Kentucky.

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White and Nerdy

When I think of a segway, there are two images that come to mind. The music video to Weird Al Yankovic’s Song “White and Nerdy” and the movie Mallcop with Kevin James.

I found out about a place where you could take indoor segway rides in an older mall and I immediately knew that my inner nerd dreams were coming true. Whenever we have been in big cities, I have seen the tour groups and thought it looked fun but also looked ridiculous. You just have to get over how you look on one.

We signed our waivers and opted to not wear the safety helmet. We like to live dangerously.


We were then told the basics on how to operate a segway. Lean forward to move forward, look over your shoulder to go back and lean the handle bar to the direction you want to turn. Pretty simple.

After a few practice spins in front of the store we were on our way.

The first thing about riding a segway is that you can’t help but smile the whole entire time your on it.  Part because you know you look so silly but also it’s because it really is so much fun! It was great to watch the expressions of the shoppers we passed by and the kid’s smiles.

We were told to go past the kid’s play area to another section of the mall if we wanted to try going a lot faster. That’s where the real fun was. There weren’t as many pedestrians to dodge at that end of the mall. We could try going really fast and weave in between obstacles like the benches and the mall security desk.

To be honest my husband and I were both really skeptical about how enjoyable riding a segway would be inside a mall. We were so surprised at how much fun we had. No doubt, the ideal would be to try outdoors but indoors was still a great experience to get a taste of it.

Watch my hubby and I as we are getting the hang of it.

Special thanks to Segway Tours of Grand Rapids for the segway experience. My opinions, as always, are my own.

Segway Tours of Grand Rapids is located outside at 99  Monroe Ave in spring/summer/fall. They are really popular to use during Art Prize each year.

You can check out their indoor segway rides at Centerpointe mall until the end of December and Rogers Plaza in January. Kids don’t need to be a specific age to try. You just need to be the right height and maturity level.

Check out the Adventuremom discount page for a discount for you to try it too.

Trying a Hula Hoop Exercise Class

Hula Hoop cover


I’m always looking for interesting, new, fun, forms of exercise. I’ve read about a lot of celebrities who use hula hooping as part of their regular exercise routine to keep their core trim. I found a local drop in class in our area and recruited a friend to try it with me. I was never good at hula hooping as a kid so I was relying on the instructor to show me what I had been doing wrong all those years.

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Creative FUNancing


This past year has been one of the most financially challenging years we have had in our 13 years of marriage and yet many elements of this year have been the most fun. We have had to overcome what wasn’t in the budget with a lot of creativity.

I have been determined not to let our sub par income this past year keep us from squeezing every ounce out of what this city has to offer. We have only lived here a little over a year. My husband grew up here but has not lived here since he was a teenager.

Immediately upon arrival I began researching what was unique to this area and I will tell you how we financed several highlights this year by giving you a few examples.

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Taking an Aerial Silks Class

aerial silk instagram

Learning how to climb up a curtain.

That’s the easiest way for me to describe taking an aerial silks class. I had wanted to try an aerial silks/hoops class ever since trying trapeze. It was a little more expensive so I requested it as a birthday gift from my dad.

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