A Holiday Twist on a Dessert Classic at Frisch’s Big Boy


I love any excuse for a sweet treat. That’s why I was really excited when I received an invitation to a tasting to try a classic Frisch’s Big Boy dessert created with a holiday twist, along with an opening night viewing of “The Nutcracker” by the Cincinnati Ballet.

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Check out what’s new at Frisch’s Big Boy

Check out what's new at Frisch's Big Boy

I was invited to check out the New Lineup of Western Primetime™ Sandwiches at the newly redesigned Frisch’s Big Boy in Covington, Ky. I’ve grown up eating at Big Boy ever since I was a little kid and it’s been interesting to watch the restaurant evolve over the years while creating new memories with my kids. One of the first changes you might notice is the location of the Big Boy Statue as you drive onsite.

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A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Frisch’s Commissary


A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Frisch's Commissary

I was invited to learn a little more about the food prepared for Frisch’s on a behind the scene tour at the Commissary and Processing Center. Frisch’s Big Boy is a chain that has 121 locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. One of my favorite parts about fall is the food, and pumpkin pie is at the top of my list. I was really excited to learn more about the process of making Frisch’s award winning pies.

Our tour started in the test kitchen where we learned more about the Commissary from Greg Grisanti who is the Director of Research & Development for Frisch’s. I honestly had no idea that Frisch’s made 80% of their food in house. The more he shared, the more I appreciated the detail that goes into making the menu items at Frisch’s. We learned that the food is fresh and never frozen. Soups are made fresh with no preservatives, they make all of their bread except for their buns, they have a spice room, their own produce department, and own their own truck fleet. They also update their stores every 5 years.

Frisch's Commissary Tour

Next, we put on some fabulous hairnets and started our tour. We learned that Frisch’s Big Boy has been baking pumpkin pies from the same closely guarded secret recipe and the best-available, highest-quality ingredients for more than 50 years. Even during our tour, our guide didn’t give away all of the secrets. They only use 100% pure pumpkins in their pies and their crusts are made fresh daily. The pies are made in small batches each day to ensure the highest quality which means that they are fresh, never frozen. There are over 45,000 pumpkin pies made over the Holiday Season! If you have tried a slice of their pie, you know why.

Group shot of Cincinnati bloggers at Frisch's Commissary

Whole Frisch's Pumpkin Pie

Frisch's Commissary tour 9

Frisch's Commissary Tour 7

Frisch's Commissary Tour 6

It was really interesting to see the pie making process in action. The pies are each filled to a predetermined level of the pie crust inside the oven before they bake using a special filling rod.

Frisch's Commissary Tour 3

Frisch's Commissary Tour 2

During our tour, we learned more about the onions used for the onion rings. The onions are from a special size of seed from onions grown in Oregon and Idaho. Here is a tip for the next time you eat an onion ring, a clean bite means that it’s a fresh onion, a stringy bite means that it was a frozen onion.

When given the opportunity to visit the onion room filled with onions as tall as you are,  you might as well take a selfie right??? What’s amazing is that someone is in that room while a machine is slicing the onions each day.

Frisch's Commissary Tour 8

Frisch's Commissary Tour 5

We were given a pumpkin pie as a souvenir from our adventure and I must confess that I ate my designated slices as soon as I got home. All of that talk about onion rings and Big Boy sandwiches also meant that I couldn’t think of any other options for dinner. I talked my husband into getting the onion rings and of course I had to dip my fries in the Frisch’s special tartar sauce that is made without sugar.

Frisch's pumpkin pie 2

Frisch's Pumpkin pie

Frisch's Big Boy

Do you know someone who deserves a little extra recognition?

Frisch’s Big Boy wants to reward people with one of their FREE award-winning pumpkin pies!

Did a grocery store employee go the extra mile and help you to your car with heavy groceries? Did your son’s teacher stay after school to help him understand his math homework? Who do you know that has earned recognition?

Nominate them to win a pumpkin pie today on Frisch’s Facebook page. It only takes a minute.

From October 19 to November 21, 2015five winners will be selected each week.

Everyone knows someone who deserves a FREE Frisch’s pumpkin pie! Send us those nominations!


Craving a pumpkin pie yet?

Whole pumpkin pies are available at Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants via carry out or drive-thru. Slices of pumpkin pie are available for dine-in, carry out or drive-thru. A slice of pumpkin pie is priced at $2.70, and a whole pumpkin pie at $10.25.

You can order your holiday pies today! Go to frischs.com to find your closest location.



Thanks to Frisch’s for providing a gift card for helping get the word out.

Frisch’s Founder’s Day May 3rd – Dress like Big Boy & Giveaway

dad as big boy cover.jpg

Last year my husband, dad and I dressed up like Big Boy. Why, you ask? Because it was Frisch’s Founder’s Day and everyone who wore a Big Boy costume got a FREE Big Boy sandwich.

big boy promo

You’ve still got a chance to get in on the fun this year.


Frisch’s Founder’s Day is an annual event held on May 3 where Frisch’s customers are encouraged to visit dressed as Big Boy. Those that come donning the red and white checks will receive a FREE Big Boy sandwich.


This year I’m going to step my game by creating a better costume that I’ll be sharing about soon.


Frisch’s Big Boy Celebrates 3rd Annual Founder’s Day on May 3

Customers Invited To Dress Up Like Big Boy for Free Sandwich

   Frisch’s Restaurants will celebrate the birthday of founder David Frisch with its third annual Founder’s Day event on Saturday, May 3. In honor of Founder’s Day, Frisch’s will award a free Big Boy platter to any customer who visits Frisch’s Big Boy fully dressed as Big Boy. A free Big Boy sandwich will be awarded for partial Big Boy attire.


   David Frisch was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on May 3, 1902. In 1939, he opened The Mainliner, the Cincinnati area’s first year-round, drive-in restaurant. Nine years later, the first Frisch’s Big Boy opened on Central Parkway in Cincinnati.

   Aside from establishing a tradition of family-friendly dining, Frisch was also deeply committed to local civic and religious causes and maintained a strong commitment to the community. David Frisch is regarded as an industry pioneer, and his legacy remains a driving influence in present-day culture at Frisch’s Restaurants.


Need a costume? Find out where to get your printable costumer below.

   Customers are invited to dress up head-to-toe in a Big Boy costume to receive a free Big Boy platter. Customers will receive a free Big Boy sandwich if they wear a partial costume. A printable paper costume is available at www.frischs.com.

You can also make your own costume.

Frisch's Founder's Day dress like Big Boy


We just purchased elastic, checkered material and a pack of white t-shirts.


Frisch's Founder's Day dress like Big Boy

We used a pair of my son’s basketball shorts to make the pattern.


Frisch's Founder's Day dress like Big Boy

The edges were sewn and the elastic was put in.

Frisch's Founder's Day dress like Big Boy

















I wrote Big Boy on the white t shirt and added suspenders to complete his costume.


Frisch's Founder's Day dress like Big Boy


The offer is only valid for dine-in customers on Saturday, May 3, and will be honored at all Frisch’s Big Boy locations in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

   Frisch’s Restaurants is a regional company that operates 96 family dining restaurants under the name “Frisch’s Big Boy” in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.


Visit www.frischs.com for more information on Frisch’s menu offerings, locations, and career opportunities.

I’ve been given a $25 gift card to giveaway. 

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Disclosure: I was given gift cards for review and giveaway purposes. All opinions are my own. 


Frisch’s Big Boy Lenten Menu Options ~ $25 Giveaway



There are few extra details that I look forward to during a visit to Frisch’s Big Boy. 

#1 The tartar sauce ( I LOVE to dip my fries in it)

#2 The ice with a flavored drink (The ice really makes the drink)

If you are celebrating the Lenten season you can still enjoy my #1 & #2.   Frisch’s Big Boy will be serving Haddock & Chips as a meatless option until April 17 with their signature tartar sauce.



Haddock 2


There is a variety of other meatless options that you can try too.


Fish Sandwich


The classic Fish Sandwich

Butterfly Shrimp Dinner

Whitefish Dinner

Tuna Melt

Macaroni and Cheese

Grilled Cheese

Would you like to try one of these options?

I’ve been given a $25 gift card to giveaway!


big boy 2

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Check out the Frisch’s Big Boy website to find a location near you.  


    Disclosure: I was given gift cards for review and giveaway purposes. All opinions are my own.

Frisch’s Founder’s Day is May 3rd

big boy


Frisch’s Big Boy is always a hit with families.

The menu is very affordable and the food tastes great.  I personally love adding cherry flavor to my coke while munching on their great crushed ice. They have the BEST ice!

Frisch's Founder's Day  May 3rd
I also love dipping my fries in their tartar sauce alongside my Big Boy sandwich.

Frisch's Founder's Day  May 3rd

Frisch’s Founder’s Day Giveaway!

May 3 is Founder’s Day at Frisch’s Big Boy and they want to celebrate Dave Frisch’s birthday with you!

Visit any Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant on May 3 dressed as Big Boy and you’ll receive a FREE Big Boy!

Channel your inner Big Boy and create your own costume

Frisch's Founder's Day  May 3rd

or “check” out a free printable costume at http://www.frischs.com/foundersday.html.

Frisch's Founder's Day  May 3rd

RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends!


To enter to win a $25 gift card to Frisch’s Big Boy


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