Trying a Hula Hoop Exercise Class

Hula Hoop cover


I’m always looking for interesting, new, fun, forms of exercise. I’ve read about a lot of celebrities who use hula hooping as part of their regular exercise routine to keep their core trim. I found a local drop in class in our area and recruited a friend to try it with me. I was never good at hula hooping as a kid so I was relying on the instructor to show me what I had been doing wrong all those years.

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Creative FUNancing


This past year has been one of the most financially challenging years we have had in our 13 years of marriage and yet many elements of this year have been the most fun. We have had to overcome what wasn’t in the budget with a lot of creativity.

I have been determined not to let our sub par income this past year keep us from squeezing every ounce out of what this city has to offer. We have only lived here a little over a year. My husband grew up here but has not lived here since he was a teenager.

Immediately upon arrival I began researching what was unique to this area and I will tell you how we financed several highlights this year by giving you a few examples.

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Trying the Luge in the Summer

summer luge

I had been wanting to check out the luge track in Muskegon, Michigan for awhile, so when I heard you that could try a luge track in the summer, I knew this would be fun for the boys and I to try.

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