5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Adventure

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving?

Why don’t you give someone the gift of adventure instead?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider giving an experience gift instead of a physical one.

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A Unique Watch That Makes A Great Gift

A Unique Watch That Makes A Great Gift

I typically don’t wear watches but I’ve found a watch that I really enjoy wearing. I had previously gone YEARS without wearing a watch before I started wearing this one. I’ve found a watch that I not only LOVE to wear, but it always gets noticed each time that I wear it.


So what’s the big deal about my watch?

JORD Watch 11

  • The custom gift box sets the tone for a gift that is crafted with excellence.

JORD wood watch box

  • It’s custom sized. You measure your wrist before you order your watch and you get a watch that is the perfect fit.

JORD Watch 7

  • It’s versatile and adventure ready. I love that I can wear my watch in any type of environment. My wood watch looks great in any type of environment or adventure.

JORD Watch 4

JORD Watch 13

  • It’s an accessory that always get’s noticed. Every time that I wear my wood watch, someone compliments it. It’s an accessory that stands out every time I wear it and looks great with a variety of outfits. I like accessories that are unique and JORD offers a great selection of unique watches to choose from that fit a variety of tastes and styles.

JORD Watch

  • It’s wearable art. That’s my favorite part about my JORD wood watch. It’s a unique bracelet that tells time.

  • It makes a great gift. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an anniversary, graduation, birthday or just because. A wood watch is a unique gift that the recipient will treasure and remember each time that they look at it. My husband LOVED his as an anniversary gift.

Jord Watch 7

Time quote
Would you love a discount to purchase a JORD wood watch
for yourself or someone special as a gift?
 Make sure that you check out this link to get a $25 discount code. (*limited number available)


You can check out more of the unique wood watches from the JORD website.  
quote about wasting time
Disclosure: I received the JORD watch for review purposes. All opinions are my own. I loved the watch so much that I’m now an affiliate. That means that if you purchase a watch, I get a percentage at no cost to you. 



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10 Reasons Why The Genesis Archery Bow Makes A Great Gift #BullsIDidIt


10 Reasons Why The Genesis Archery Bow Makes A Great Gift #BullsIDidIt

Have you ever shot a bow and arrow before?

The Hunger Games movie has brought back an increased interest in archery. I’ll admit that I’ve been tempted to sport a side braid and wanted to go shoot a few targets after watching the movie. I guess I’m not alone because USA Archery has doubled its individual membership in just two years thanks to the movie’s popularity in showcasing the sport.

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Gift of Adventure ~ Go Ape Zipline and Treetop Adventure Giveaway

Gift Certificate Image


I absolutely love experience gifts. I really enjoy  sharing experiences with people that I care about. It’s so incredible to create memories that last a lifetime together.

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