What Football 101 Taught Me About Being a Classy Cowboy

What Football 101 Taught Me About Being a Classy CowboyI’m surrounded in a house of family members who LOVE and speak football… and I don’t understand the language. My husband LOVES all football from Thursday- Monday night. My boys have both played football and I still don’t really understand what’s going on. I call it a success when I can actually identify them on the field. You know they all look alike out there!

I knew that I had to jump on the opportunity to get a football intervention when I was invited to attend Women’s Football 101 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I even left an event in San Diego and slept overnight on a plane to be there. The women who I met from Visit Stillwater last summer left such a big impression on me that I knew that I didn’t want to miss this event or an opportunity to find out why they were so enthusiastic about their community!

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Fun Things to Do When You Visit Columbus

Fun Things to do when you visit Columbus

Columbus, Ohio offers a lot for visitors to see and do. I’m sharing some of my favorite stops in Columbus that I would recommend checking out.

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