5 Adventures to Try at Crystal Mountain

5 Adventures to Try at Crystal Mountain

Traverse City, Michigan is a very popular destination in the summer for its beautiful water, weather, and a love of all things cherry themed or flavored, as the Cherry Capital of the World…..but you don’t have to wait until summer to experience adventure in Northern Michigan! I discovered why Crystal Mountain is a such a popular “snowcation” destination for winter fun too.

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Why snowshoeing is not my favorite but it’s good for me

Why snowshoeing is not my favorite but it's good for me

This winter has been unseasonably warm so attempting to try snowshoeing has been hit and miss all season. I’ve been able to try snowshoeing a few times this winter when we have gotten snow.

Our family’s first time trying was at local Winterfest event.  We tried the types of snowshoes resembled wooden tennis rackets like you see pictures of  Eskimos using.

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What it’s like to try the Luge when you are not an Olympic Athlete


What it's like to try the luge when you are not an Olympic athlete

I love when plans work out for a spontaneous adventure. My friend was already coming to town, so I just offered her  the “choose your own adventure” option for her visit.  Try the luge, cross country skiing or attend an ice sculpture festival.  I was sooo excited that she wanted to try the luge too.  The weekend we went was the first time the track had been open all winter due to lack of snow.  This was a Christmas gift I’ve been impatiently waiting to use.

I had tried the wheeled luge track with my kids this past summer and I knew I wanted to come back to try the winter one.

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A Beach visit in Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven, Michigan cover.jpg

We visit Grand Haven beach almost every time we visit family in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Haven beach is only about 30 minutes from Grand Rapids and offers a great mix of beach, boardwalk, and restaurants.

Grand Haven State Park has a HUGE beach area and also has camping sites next to the beach. They  fill up quickly during the summer months because of their awesome location.

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Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around The World ~ Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

meijer gardens

During a recent trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan, I visited Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Several people had told me that it was a beautiful place to visit around the holidays and a tradition that a lot of families look forward to each year.

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Favorite Finds at Art Prize in Grand Rapids

favorite finds at art prize

I enjoyed another great year of incredible art at Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan this year.

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Why I LOVE Art Prize


Art prize was my favorite event that I attended while living in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is an event that I feel everyone should check out at least once. It’s the world’s largest art competition, and it completely takes over the city.

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TRYathlon – Pushing past fear and excuses for My 1st Triathlon

I was super nervous about trying my 1st triathlon.  Keyword: TRYING!!!

I was talked into it by my 62 year old friend who is also a cancer survivor.  She suggested at yoga that we all do one together.  Our ring leader even recruited another friend who still had to learn to swim before the race.  My thought was, at least swimming was something I was average at.

This event was technically a “sprint” triathlon which meant that we would be swimming .4 miles, biking 14 miles and running 3 miles.  I thought I could do 2/3 of the race but the swim was super intimidating.

My excuses seemed to lose validity as our ring leaders enthusiasm for life challenged all of us with the “why not?!!!”

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