12 Tips Every Couple Needs to Make the Most of Their Roadtrip

My husband and I took a winter road trip from Cincinnati to the Laurel Highlands in Pennsylvania. It was our first visit to the area and we were looking forward to skiing at a few different locations.

Roadtrips are always a great excuse to reconnect and renew your sense of adventure. Long road trips give you plenty of time to share your hopes and dreams……and anything in between.

…..They can also easily become a source of strife.

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Your Guide to Skiing at Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands

Located about an hour from Pittsburgh, under 4 hours from Cleveland and Washington DC., and 5 hours from Cincinnati, makes Laurel Highlands in Pennsylvania, an easy drive for a great snowcation getaway. When it comes to winter fun, Laurel Highlands has you covered with three great options for winter adventure on the slopes.

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7 Tips for getting better gas mileage on your next road trip

7 tips for better gas mileage for your next road trip


Are you looking forward to a road trip in the upcoming months?


I LOVE to travel and enjoy the feeling of excitement that comes from the anticipation of the unknown adventure that awaits during a road trip. I also like to spend my money on fun not fuel…. but gas is essential for the adventure.  I came up with some tips that can stretch your gas budget and maximize your mileage so that you can have more money to spend on things that you enjoy.

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