Reason to Consider Trying a Spartan Race

Have you tried a Spartan Race before?

I haven’t tried one yet and I’m considering the challenge to get back in shape. I’ve participated in color runs, mud runs, half marathon and even a sprint triathlon in the past but I’ve gotten out of training mode which is why the Spartan Race might be good motivation.

So what is a Spartan Race?

Here is a little more from the Spartan Race Website.

Spartan Race is a true adventure that anyone can do, and everyone should try. With course lengths of 3+miles (Sprint), 8+miles, (Super) and 12+miles (Beast) each course is filled with mud, water, and signature obstacles designed to help you discover your inner Spartan. Athletes of all fitness levels will enjoy participating in a Spartan Race and the feeling of accomplishment that comes at the finish line.

Spartan Race even has events for kids. We believe that fitness and adventure should involve the whole family. Come out and watch your kids run, jump, and climb like children were meant to do all in their own Spartan Kids race.

For those that want a more team based experience Spartan Race has the Hurricane Heat and for the truly adventurous theHurricane Heat 12 Hour. The Hurricane Heat takes you out of the individual role and has you work with a group of complete strangers to complete tasks designed to bring you together as a team. Those that have done the Hurricane Heat have often done multiple across the country, making friends for life along the way.

Not sure you are ready to run a Spartan Race? It’s ok we have everything you need to get you ready: Spartan SGX training, workouts-of-the-day, nutrition tips to help you eat better, and free workouts held in cities all over the country. Spartan Race is not only the worlds best obstacle race (period), but can be a complete lifestyle overhaul.

So even if you’ve tried a trail race, mud run, obstacle race, or adventure race it’s time to try a Spartan Race. Unlike other obstacle races we offer something for everyone. So sign-up, gear-up and find out why we say…

You’ll know at the finish line.

1. You can get inspired by others 

Watch Season 2 of Spartan Race

Follow the journey of top athletes as they tackle the grueling challenges of Reebok Spartan Race, the global leader in obstacle racing. Don’t miss your front row seat to watch these fearless athletes showcase their abilities as they jump over fire, crawl under wires, and throw spears. Tune in beginning July 21st at 11 p.m. ET on NBCSN to watch five races all leading up to the Spartan Race World Championship when the best and bravest compete for the title on December 20th at 3 p.m. ET on NBC. Follow @SpartanRace to learn more today.



2. Recruit three friends and your next race is free.

There more races than ever, in new locations. There also have new obstacles, new burpees, new finisher tees, new medals and new stories to tell. So when your friends hit you with excuses, you have the facts to hit them with.

Recruit three of your friends sign up, you’ll get your next race on us; completely free! Your friends will also get $20 off of their race. That means everyone wins.

See you and your team at the starting line. Use Code: TEAM

3. You can challenge yourself to do something that once seemed impossible



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You can find out more about the Spartan Race from their website.


Disclosure: I was given race codes for review and giveaway purposes. All opinions are my own. 


2014 Spartan Race Info, Giveaway & Discount Code

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Are you looking for a new racing challenge?



I’ve got the opportunity for you. Check out the video below for a glimpse of what a Spartan Race is like.


Inspired by that video? Me too!


You can put that inspiration into action at one of the upcoming Spartan Races. 


Spartan Race is on a mission to get you active, healthy, excited about change, and return to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life. Our events are all about challenging today’s perception of normal.

Our events challenge the familiar, today’s perception of normal living and getting you out of your comfort zone! At Spartan Race, we do this everyday and it shapes everything we do.

Having experienced many different racing events, we wanted to make adventure racing more accessible to everyone, but do not be fooled by the word ‘accessible’, as our events have a challenge for everyone’s needs.

Spartan Race now introduces a level for everyone beginning with the entry level Spartan Sprint, intermediate level Super Spartan, the advanced Spartan Beast, and the ‘99.9% need not apply’ extreme level Death Race. 

Whatever your level, Spartan Race will test your strength, stamina, and sense of humor.



Ohio friends mark your calendar  for the October 4th Ohio Spartan Race!

– there will be a sprint, super and beast all in one day.

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Disclosure: I was given race entries for giveaway purposes. All opinions are my own.