Tips for your 1st Color Run

Tips for your 1st Color Run

Color Runs are a lot of fun and these tips will help you have an even more awesome 1st time experience.

1. Wear as many articles of clothing that are white or neon as possible 

Also, decide if you want to dress in a theme with your friends or family and if given the option to wear a tutu, always wear a tutu.

color run 9.jG

2. Decide if you will be wearing your race t shirt during your run

I personally prefer to keep the t shirt to wear for later. We tend to buy cheap white tank tops for races. It’s also best to pick up your items the day before the race so that you can avoid long lines and don’t have to carry a lot of items back to your vehicle before the race begins.

3. Get a before and after shot

The Color Run

The Color Run 3

4. Coat your hair and face with color just because you can

glow run tips 10

5. Bring a ziploc bag or waterproof case if you plan on bringing your phone with you during the race, otherwise you might want to bribe someone to take pictures for you

color run 12

(I used a DryCase for my race)


6. Have a plan of where to meet in case you get separated from each other during the race

I have run a few of these types of races now and we have gotten temporarily separated from our group a few times. It’s good to have a plan in place or your race experience will not be as fun.

7. If you have sensitive eyes, wear sunglasses to keep the color out of your eyes

Color Run

8. Pack extra clothes

There is a good chance that you might not want to ride home covered head to toe in colored chalk.

9. Bring garbage bags or towels to cover your car seats

color run 11

Trust me, you don’t want you car to be covered in colored dust. Baby wipes are also really helpful to remove the chalk.

10. Remember that no cares whether you choose to run, jog, slog (slow jog) or walk during your race- Fun Runs are a judgement free zone

color run 10

11. Celebrate in the color tosses at the end of the race!

Remember that a fun run is just that..FUN! So don’t take it too seriously. If you wanted a serious competitive race, you should have signed up for one. Just enjoy making memories by running through a rainbow of color.

Kids Color run


12. Wash your shoes and clothes as soon as you get home

My tanks tops always keep some of the color but my shoes and shorts have always had the color come out pretty easily.


If you find these tips helpful, please share them with your friends or family. I also have tips for your 1st Mud Run and 1st Glow Run.










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