A Unique Fourth of July Parade You Need to Experience

A Unique Fourth of July Parade You Need to Experience

There are typically lots of options for traditional 4th of July parades in every community. My son and I discovered one that was unlike anything that we have ever been to in the Northside community of Cincinnati. The Northside Fourth of July Parade is truly a unique parade that celebrates creativity.

The mission of the Northside Fourth of July Parade is to celebrate independence and to serve as a tool for community building. Parade organizers work to invite and involve people from all corners of the community as both participants and viewers. The parade offers a way to get to know one’s neighbors through a shared light-hearted activity. Neighbors who know one another and have laughed together are more inclined to be involved and to make their neighborhood a nicer place to live. 

The parade dates back to 1854 when an orphanage went through a relocation move on July 4th in 1854. On that day, women and children rode on Central Parkway in canal boats while men from various organizations marched along side to the new location. The annual parade along with a festival helped fund the orphanage. The only pause of the annual celebration was for 6 years during the 1960’s with a return in 1970.

The atmosphere at the parade is quirky and lighthearted. The people watching is fascinating and fun with an “anything goes” attitude. Even the dogs have flair.

Northside Fourth of July Parade 10

Northside Fourth of July Parade 4

The best part of the parade is that you can join in on the fun at the end by joining the dance party.

The parade route starts at the northern boundary of Northside and ends south on Hamilton Ave. to Hoffner Park.

The parade starts at noon and I would recommend getting there early for parking purposes and bringing a bottle of water with you if the forecast calls for a warm sunny day.

You can find out more about the Northside 4th of July from their website.

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