A visit to the Garden of Hope


A visit to the Garden of Hope 2Tucked away across the river from Cincinnati, on top of a hill that is cut by interstate 75 in Northern Kentucky, is a hidden gem of hope.

Thousands of people drive by it everyday and don’t even know it’s there.

We had the privilege of taking a tour on Easter Sunday. The Garden of Hope is a replica of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

The best way to tour The Garden of Hope is to set up a free tour.  You can visit the site without one but you will miss out on hearing the stories of why this place is so special.  You also would miss out on stepping into the buildings that have relics of history that are museum worthy that you are encouraged to touch.

The inside of the carpenter shop had an extremely detailed mural that took the artist 2 years to complete.

Our guide showed us tools that were hundreds of years old used in carpentry shops.  It’s not everyday you get to hold a piece of history that has outlived generations.

She showed us each tool and how it was used and we got to hold them too.

After the carpenter shop tour we climbed up the stairs and took in the view.   Garden of Hope has one of the most beautiful views of the Cincinnati skyline.

The Garden Tomb area is similar to what we saw on our trip to Israel in ’98.  It was so cool to be at the replica of the tomb on Easter.

You need the tour to be able to go inside the tomb too.

Everything is built to scale like the one in Jerusalem.

Even the way the area for the feet had to made bigger because they believe that the original person that the tomb was intended for was shorter than Jesus.

Even though it’s a replica, it’s a great visual to give life to the bible stories our kids read about  Easter.


There is also a small chapel you can tour with many pieces of history. The kids loved getting to ring the bell.

You can also view a stone from Solomon’s Temple, (as seen below) a stone from the Jordan River, and the Good Samaritan Inn.

There are stories about two miracles there.  You gotta take the tour to hear them.


Check out The Garden of Hope at 699 Edgecliff St., Covington, Ky.. The Garden is open to the public year round. For information regarding directions, a guided tour, wedding or memorial service call (859) 750-5611. The tours are given by volunteers and they do also book wedding at the site too.


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