Cincinnati on a Date Adventure Package ~ Giveaway

I love getting gifts that are an experience. My husband knows that if he bought me jewelry or a stuffed animal, he would be in big trouble because I would rather spend that money on a shared adventure together.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I’ve got a great way for you to share an experience with someone special in your life with an AWESOME Cincinnati Adventure Themed Giveaway.

This is a combination of two Cincinnati icons- Skyline Chili and Kings Island Amusement Park.

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When we lived out of town, my parents would bring cans of Skyline chili to us when they visited so that we could still have our favorite chili no matter how far away we lived. We LOVE this Cincinnati staple! You can’t go wrong with mounds of cheese and oyster crackers on top of incredible chili!




Kings Island is an amusement park that I have soooo many great memories from. I went with my parents as a kid, my friends as a teenager, my husband (pre kids) and now I share memories at Kings Island with my whole family.

I’m really looking forward to riding the newest thrill ride that will debut on April 18th at Kings Island. Banshee will be the world’s longest inverted roller coaster. Here is a peak at what riders will experience.

Even if you are not into thrill rides, there are still plenty of other rides and attractions at Kings Island. As the weather heats up, we can also look forward to the relaxing water park this summer. My kids also love checking out the rides at Planet Snoopy.


I’ve been given

a $25 gift card to Skyline 


2 ticket vouchers to Kings Island

to give one lucky winner a great adventure to be shared.

You can use your Skyline gift card when you visit Kings Island or even sooner if you have a craving.


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Disclosure: I was given gift cards/ tickets for giveaway purposes and for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 


32 thoughts on “Cincinnati on a Date Adventure Package ~ Giveaway”

  1. My favorite menu item from Skyline is the Vegetarian Black Bean Burrito with sour cream! My favorite ride at KI is The Beast!

  2. I love chilitos!!! My favorite ride is the vortex (which also happens to be the first big rollercoaster I ever rode!)

  3. greek pasta and any ride that doesn’t spin – i guess i like that roller coaster that’s inside – with the mini coopers

  4. Love the black bean and rice burrito! My favorite childhood ride was the Smurf ride. I haven’t been in years so I’d love to go again!

  5. Would love to visit Kings Island. I have only been once about 4 years ago and it sound like it would be a fun day.

  6. When I’m feelin’ good and hungry, my favorite is the Deluxe Burrito no beans or a 4 Way with onion. Favorite Kings Island ride would be the backwards Racer. An oldie but goodie – hopefully it’s still in service!

  7. My favorite item from Skyline is a 5-way, and my favorite ride at King’s Island is Diamondback! Although, I’m sure Banshee will be my new favorite after experiencing it for the first time! 🙂

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