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I made a quick trip to Grand Rapids to take in the sites of Art Prize. I enjoyed the event so much while living in Grand Rapids for the last 2 years, that I had to come back and see what the artist would come up with this year. The boys and I joined the team on the Art Prize trolley that made strategic stops all over the downtown .

photo 120 e1349741351492

The trolley was great because it took us right to the location and we could wander around the area for a while and then hop on and check out another location. It was perfect for families who had little kids.

So here are some of my favs.

photo 941

These horses were so detailed.

photo 922 e1350063124907

Each branch formed detailed muscle structure on the horses.

photo 321

The Site:Lab entry used a former public museum to bring art to life in various rooms.

photo 221

Lots of the art was interactive too.

photo 518 e1350063290785

You could walk in it. (this piece was also at Site:Lab)

IMG 4169

Walk thru it. ( this piece was made out of paper brown bags)

photo 122You could also press into it. Like with this life -size toy replica art.

photo 223

This piece was created with nails.  Here’s a different angel.

IMG 4001

This pieces was created out of bottle caps.

IMG 4020

Look closer.

IMG 4021

This jelly bean art blew me away!

IMG 4058

So much detail went into these two pictures.

IMG 4032

Look closer.  Pretty amazing!
IMG 4030

This one had to be pointed out to me.

IMG 4167

The gangster pics were created with finger prints.

IMG 4088

These silhouettes were so detailed that they even showed eyelashes.

IMG 4010

There were no rips, just a paper folding technique used to create these faces.

IMG 4011

This was the 2012 winner.

IMG 4017

Here is an up close look at the elephant mural.  The artist continued to work on the piece while bystanders watched in amazement.  The detail of what went into the elephant mural was incredible.

IMG 4016

IMG 4012
IMG 4013
This dragon piece was created out of buttons.  This piece made you feel like you were stepping into a 3D movie.
IMG 4145
IMG 4144
IMG 4146
IMG 4046
These are the eyes of Marilyn. The Marilyn artwork really stood out from across the room. What a creative way to clean out a junk drawer.
IMG 4044 e1349648561169
photo 516

This piece used recyclable materials to create an unconventional trophy wall.

Look closely and you will find all kinds of items. Do you see the tractor?

photo 419

The expression on my face shows how alive I feel when I’m in this type of environment. My sister in law captured me trying this participation art.  This piece changed during Art prize as people added to the paper chain.

IMG 3992

IMG 3993

What I showed you barely scratched the surface of the art to take in during Art Prize.  There were over 1500 entries at 161 venues.

What was your favorite piece?

Comment below.


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  1. Wow! I had heard of Art Prize, but had no idea just how fabulous it is! Is it over this weekend? I looked and looked on the link above and couldn’t see dates anywhere. I love all of it! The Marilyn piece is really cool. Is it my favorite? I can’t choose!

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