Great Food for a Great Price at The City Goat

Great Food for a Great Price at The City Goat

I have a rule that I try to stick to when it comes to date night, we have to go eat somewhere that we have never been.

It helps mix things up and there are so many great restaurants new and old around Cincinnati that it’s hard to keep up.

The risk is that you either try a place that you love and you want to go back again and break the date night rule or you try a new restaurant and it’s just average and you wish you would have stuck with one of your favorites.

I liked the City Goat in Covington so much that I broke my date rule and ate there twice within a week.


Our first visit to the City Goat was with friends before watching a play at the Carnegie in Covington.

Our second visit was before watching a play at Playhouse in the Park in Cincinnati.

Both visits we were seated at a high top table right away and we were out in less than an hour.

The restaurant also has seating at the bar, a game room in the back, and a patio area for warmer days.


Great Appetizers at City Goat

I’ve tried several appetizers at the City Goat from our two visits.

The Fried Devil Eggs (Crispy fried and topped with creamy egg, bacon, and sriracha) We thought that the fried devil eggs were an interesting twist on a classic.


The Big & Twisted (Jumbo fresh hot pretzel served with beer cheese)  The pretzel was better than all of us at the table anticipated.

It came out HOT and it was delicious!


Jalapeno Sticks (Six bacon-wrapped jalapeno cream cheese poppers skewered and served with sweet chili sauce).

The Jalapeno sticks were delicious and have a lot of cream cheese inside so they aren’t overly hot if you are sensitive to that sort of thing.


What we tried at City Goat

So far our friends and my husband have tried the:

  • Greek Freak (1/4lb Beef Patty Topped with Gyro, Goat Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Tzatziki)


  • Farmers Daughter (Lettuce, Fried Egg, Jalapeno Cream Cheese, Signature Sauce)


  • Wild Shroom (Texas Toast, grilled mushrooms & onions, bacon, swiss, mushroom sauce.)

Go Goetta sandwich at City Goat

My favorite sandwich at City Goat is their “Go Goetta” (Two Crispy Goetta Patties, Fried Egg, Signature Sauce, Ghost Pepper Jack, Lettuce, Tomato).

It’s the PERFECT sandwich if you love goetta AND spice.

The egg yolk breaks when you eat it. Make sure that you ask for a knife and LOTS of napkins because this sandwich can get really messy! But I promise that it’s worth every bite!

salad at City Goat in Covington

Side Salad

If you are trying to eat lighter and want to substitute your fries, you will appreciate that the City Goat side salads are made with fresh greens versus iceberg lettuce.

We were both impressed with the food and the price.

We had an appetizer, entree, and drinks for less than our normal date night tab.

Get it Delivered

If you are in the mood to dine at home, there are 4 different carryout/delivery services to choose from.

Where to Park for City Goat

Parking is available on the street. If you are lucky you might score a parking spot on the street that doesn’t have a parking meter.

More Information

You can find out more about the City Goat from their website. 

The City Goat is located at 404 W Pike Street, Covington, KY.

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