Seabird ~ Interview & Giveaway

Seabird is back with a new album. Find out why you should check it out.Troubled Days-147

Here is my interview with band member Ryan Morgan pictured on the right.


What can we expect with the new album?

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Well it’s our first independent release meaning there’s no record label involved. This is a very exciting thing for us because it allows us the freedom that we have always wanted as artists. This freedom also comes with the responsibility of not only doing all the work to get the album made and released but creatively we didn’t have others to rely on this time around. I think that makes us more vulnerable and forced us to really wear our hearts on our sleeves for this release.


What are your favorite songs and why?


Really hard to choose since we had nearly 50 songs written for this record and since we didn’t have outside input on song selection we literally just chose the songs we were most excited about. “Troubled Days” was kind of a sleeper. The way it started out was kinda weird and it’s dark but in a tongue and cheek way. After it was done we were all really stoked about how it sounded.


What was your inspiration for this album?


A lot of different things really. We started writing for this record right after our last record was released which was about 3 and a half years ago. We’ve gone through a lot since then; as a band and as men. These songs are written about hard times and struggles in our lives as well as victories and relationships with those we’re closest to. Lastly it was inspired by our fans. Since we were without a label we weren’t sure if we would be able to make another record. We finally put it out there on kickstarter to see if our fans would get behind another album and they responded in an overwhelmingly positive way.


Who were your musical influences for this album?


This is also hard to say since I feel like we’ve only become more comfortable in our identity as a band and musicians. We really knew what we wanted going into the studio this time and were able to articulate that much more successfully in the recording process. Bands we’ve been listening to lately are, Spoon, Delta Spirit, Alt-J, The Raconteurs, The Black Keys, The Strokes, The Killers….


What can we expect on Friday night at Fountain Square?


A freakin awesome good time!!!!! We’re are seriously more pumped about this show than we’ve been in a long time. We’re gonna have some guest musicians with us along with friends and family helping us out on stage. It’s literally just a huge celebration for us to have with our fans and we couldn’t be more stoked about doing it on Fountain Square in our home town.


How can we get the new album?

It doesn’t officially release until July 16th but we will have copies at the show on Friday. Also you can preorder it on our webstore . You can get physical or digital copies there. After the release it will be available on all major digital music sights.


Thanks again to Ryan Morgan for sharing today.


I’ve been given a copy of the new album and a band t shirt to giveaway. ( Seabird also has really cool t’s)


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  1. I have been a fan for years! I love so many songs like dont you know you’re beautiful and not alone. I am sad I can’t be at the concert.

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