Shoot for the Moon Goals for 2013

I decided to look back on my adventure goals for 2012 to see how many I got to do. I didn’t do them all but I also had the added bonus of many adventures that were not on the original list.

I would not have dreamed that I would have been able to be able to cross off so many in a year.

I’m going to continue to add items to the list because even though I didn’t do all of last years, I still have so many incredible adventure memories shared with my family and friends because I set goals and took advantage of opportunities to accomplish them.

* starred adventures are new to the list for 2013


In snow

Snowshoeing 1/20/12

Cross country skiing

Luge track 1/15/12

Dog sledding 1/28/12 drove the dog sled

Tobogganing track

*take the boys tubing at a ski resort

*take the boys snowboarding



Hot yoga class 1/4/12

Anti gravity yoga class

Attend moms hockey practice 1/17/12

Run a marathon- hesitant to write that one down

*Do another type of sprint triathlon

Adult hip hop class

Belly dancing class


*Glo Run



Paint your own picture with a group class

Blow glass art

Make pottery (I halfway did this one so I won’t cross it off until I have a finished product)

Create art regularly in honor of my mom

Meet regularly with friends to make something from Pinterest


Specific places or Adventures

City Musuem in St. Louis

Go up in St. Louis Arch

Visit world’s largest treehouse in TN

Take pictures with Superman at Metropolis,IL

Indoor Zipline at Mega Cavern in Louisville,KY


Gangster tour in Newport,KY

Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure

Haiti for a humanitarian trip

*former subway tour at Cincinnati Museum Center



*Niagra Falls


*visit the “Christmas Story” house in Cleveland


*Stay in an ice hotel

*Jubilee experience at Gulf Shores


Not specific places

Vineyard tour

Stomp the grapes

Brewery tour

Nascar ridealong experience

Ride in a pace car

Watch a drag race

Go to an unexpectant destination for vacation (went to DC and stopped by Philly and Baltimore for a day to explore)

Trip to a destination riding on a train


Be an extra in a movie 1/14/12

Amish buggy tour ride

Ride in a Zorb ball

Regularly volunteer at an organization that assists the poor (started volunteering before we moved so I will re add this for 2013)

*Regularly volunteer at an organization that assists the poor

*Bourbon trail

*Ride on a Zamboni




Attend the Kentucky Derby

Watch a Civil War Reenactment

Host a street party to get to know my neighbors

*watch a moto cross style event


In or On Water

Try rowing

White water rafting


Cable wake boarding

Sailing on a smaller sail boat where I have to help


Fan boat ride

Scuba lesson

Swim with a dolphin

Swim with manatee

Tallship ride

Group speedboat ride

Underground Cave Boat Tour Bowling Green,KY

Jump on a blob



Shark cage experience



Shoot clay pigeons

Try lacrosse

Watch a boxing match 2/4/11

Indoor Sky Dive


Participate in a mudrace

Successfully find a geocache

Play a game of frisbee golf 1/8/12

*Try rowing



Zipline Canopy Tour

Segway Tour in a big city

Hot air Balloon ride

Fly in a small plane

*climb a volcano

*Tree climbing adventure course


Progressive dinner with friends or at several restaurants

Dinner in the Dark (blindfolded meal)

Eat at least one restaurant listed on Man vs. Food and Diners and Dive and Drive ins ( maybe even try a spicy food challenge..maybe)

Sushi making class

Pasta making class

Wine tasting class

Grow an herb garden

Make one new recipe a week (….baby steps)

*Eat at a restaurant where you sit on the floor


New additions

improv show 1/7/12

intro to curling class 1/19/12

bunker tour

intro to curling

color me rad race

sprint triathlon

eat a cheese steak in Philly

eat a crabcake in Baltimore


Indoor water park hotel experience

ride in a monster truck

attend a monster truck show

Underground Bunker Tour

Capital Tour

Underwater Hockey

Mom’s Hockey



So here is the start of the running tab. I reserve the right to add to the list as my curiosity continues to become aware of new places and experiences to try.

Some are way more ambitious than others, but I figured I might as well go with the quote:

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you are still among the stars”

Travel wise I would love to go all over the world but I’m willing to start a little smaller. The list could really go on and on…….this is just scratching the surface . So I guess this is my start but I don’t ever want to stop adding.


Remember a “Goal is dream with a deadline.” Don’t let time get away from your dreams.

“If you want to do something bad enough, you will find a way, if not you find an excuse.”


What’s on your “shoot for the moon” list? What should I add to mine? Who wants to join me?



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