A potholder from a homeless man

A Potholder from a homeless man

I was involved in a feeding program for the homeless community in downtown Dallas for one semester during college.  Each week we would meet a pastor who would drive 30 miles one way with donated food from local fast food restaurants.  Each week we would spend time getting to know the people who came for a meal.

On my first day, I met a man named Charles.  He was middle aged and great at crocheting things.  The following week, I decided to bring  him some yarn.  As a college student it wasn’t much, but I thought it would be nice for him to have more supplies to make items with.

On one of my next visits I was given a gift from my friend.  A potholder.  That potholder has been in my kitchen since 1998.  It reminds me that someone who had nothing, gave a gift from the heart out of what little he had.

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