Laughter ….for the Health of it- Taking a Laughing Yoga Class

Laughing Yoga Class

It’s been said that kids laugh 300-400 times a day while adults laugh closer to 15 times a day.

At what point did we stop laughing or feel that to grow up and be mature means to have less joy in our lives?

“Settle down” “Stop being so silly” “Don’t get them riled up”

Who told us that to be mature was to be solemn and serious and that expressing joy was immature?

Why is it so hard for us to let go, relax and be silly?

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How funky is your chicken?

Being a two time Guinness Book of World Records holder is easier than you think.  My boys and I have broken world records for two years straight.  You just have to be willing to partake in something zany with a large amount of people.  There are many records you can achieve without acquiring much skill beforehand.

Why would you want to? Why not????!  It’s fun to say you are a world record holder…. you just don’t have to say what it’s for.

Our first World Record on the books was for the Most Rubber Chickens tossed (924).  We joined 921 other people as we chucked rubber chickens on the target.  We demolished Boston’s old record of 265 people.































We  followed it up this year by participating in the World’s Largest gathering of people wearing animal noses…..chicken beaks to be exact.






















We joined a crowd that totaled 607 people who together wore chicken beaks for 11 minutes and 39 seconds.  We passed the time by partaking in …of course ..the chicken dance played by a spirited polka band.  You can not be in a bad mood while listening to polka.




It’s fun to take part in something silly “just because.”  It reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously.

































Ever wanted to break a record?


Check out the Guinness Book of World Records site for ideas or events near you. You can also check out the Laughfest website because they will likely try a new record next year.


I talked my running buddy and my mother in law into attending a murder mystery show during Laughfest. It was at a tapas restaurant upstairs in a large open room with a stage. The company who put on the murder mystery traveled all over the country to do these shows and  performed locally at another restaurant. I had no idea what to expect. I had always wanted to attend a murder mystery show so this was the perfect opportunity.

As we arrived the actors were in full character wandering around meeting the guests as they entered the room. We were super early because it was a free show and seating was first come /first serve. At first it was awkward to have a conversation with them as they came over because they were so “in character.”  As more people arrived, they randomly handed out binders to people in the crowd who were given roles to play. I recognized one of the characters chosen, who was perfect for his part and really got into his role as a shady informant.

The photographer came around as one of the male characters made the request to “show a little ankle.” We obliged his request and I was sooo grateful I had just shaved my legs.

The theme was a roaring 20’s back when bootlegging and gambling crimes were prevalent. Our quest was to figure out who was the murderer by asking questions during each intermission.

That was the part where you had two choices. Get into it and mingle with the characters or exit the building like we saw several people in the back row do.

The hardest part was trying to figure out what questions to ask the different characters. As we got better questions, the characters started to give us clues to go off of. We mistakenly thought we found the murderer and we were almost cocky thinking we had uncovered the truth but it turned out the character really just had to go to the bathroom. I should have trusted my gut and pinned it on the guy with a mullet. NEVER TRUST A MULLET!


Murder Mystery shows are definitely what you put into them. If you get into it you will have a great time but if you don’t participate, it will be really lame.

Grand Rapids locals check out for a local murder mystery and for more of a national search