How to Save Money on Festival of Lights Admission

How to Save Money on Festival of Lights Admission

There are certain holiday traditions that our family has every year in Cincinnati. One of them is attending Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. I’ve been going to Festival of Lights with my family ever since I was a little kid. I brought my boyfriend turned husband, to Festival of Lights when he visited my hometown during college break and now I’m creating memories with my own kids.

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Top Family Friendly Attractions in the Cincinnati Metro

Top Family Friendly Attractions in the Cincinnati Metro

When you visit the Cincinnati Metro area, there is so much to see and do for families.

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Fun with friends at the Cincinnati Zoo

As we were exiting the zoo entrance we watched our kids climb all over the rhino statues. My friend and I joked that why should kids be the only ones who get their pictures taken on the statues.  We paused for a second and then decided why not?

Recently my friends and I decided to bring our combined 10 kids to the zoo.

All of our kids are crazy together so we felt we would have no problems fitting in at the zoo.

“Don’t climb on that “”Don’t jump off of that” “Where is —–?””Don’t touch that” “Did he just eat that off the ground””——— smile for the picture” “Don’t pick the flowers!” were all common phrases during our zoo adventure.

Our kids were involved in a brief rumble on the playground, one was briefly lost in the zoo toy store and one was caught petting a peacock.

The tulips were absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to get a picture of the boys and I together with them in the background before we left. So I asked our friend who was the photographer to take the pics on my camera phone while our other two friends “watched” her three kids.

Meantime, while we were waiting for random strangers to get out of our background shot, her son was wondering closer and closer to the peacock eventually touching it.

Our friends who were watching the incident unfold kept on asking, “Whose kids is that?” and then were mortified by the answer “that’s Jack!!!!” Yep, the youngest boy in the bunch was our very own Dr. Doolittle.

No children or peacocks were harmed in the incident but a few tulips were uprooted due to little boys who like to give flowers to their mamas.

So as we exited the zoo we had our own MOMS GONE WILD experience as we helped hoist each other up onto the rhino statue. That was a funny site in itself. We even had a 5-month pregnant mom onboard. We created quite a spectacle as a crowd of people with children began watching this unfold. A few spectators even said this looks like moms gone wild.

We got the pictures we wanted together and thankfully the rhino didn’t gave in under our weight and no one’s zoo passes were revoked.

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