7 Reasons to Buy Your Holiday Meal Instead of Making It

The Holiday season goes by sooooo incredibly fast and it can feel like there is a neverending list of things to do. Each year I have a list of things that I intend to do …….and each year it feels like I run out of time.
We can get so stressed out about fitting everything in that we lose touch of WHY we are celebrating.
We have last-minute gifts to buy, parties to attend,  Christmas themed events to enjoy, cleaning your home for guests and annual traditions that we try to make the season special.
I suggest letting the meal not be another item on your list to stress you out. I know first hand because cooking stresses me out! For a Holiday meal, there is a lot of pressure for the food to be amazing and to create a memorable experience.
The problem is that who has time for that when you are trying to fit everything else in.

Here are 7 reasons to purchase your Holiday Meal instead of making it

1. The process is so much easier on every level

Pick out your ham. Add your sides. Grab a dessert. The HoneyBaked Ham store is small enough that you won’t feel like you are overwhelmed and you can be in and out with the core of your meal covered.

2. Your kitchen stays clean

There is a lot of work that goes into cooking because you also have a lot of prep and cleaning to do. Who wants to spend their whole day in the kitchen when you don’t have to.

3. A purchased Holiday Meal can be heated up and served with minimal dishes

I love that HoneyBaked Hams are precooked. That means that you can warm them up or even serve them cold. The sides can be cooked in the microwave or the oven which is helpful for time and space limitations.

4. The directions are easy to follow

HoneyBaked Ham gives you instructions for how long to warm up your ham and the best way to cut and care for your ham. I purchased my meal at the HoneyBaked Ham store located in Florence, KY.
The employee there was extremely helpful and made sure that I was aware of the Product Care Guide that answered popular questions.

5. The food tastes amazing

You don’t have to tell your guests that you didn’t make it from scratch if you don’t want to. Either way, everyone will be happy with this meal. HoneyBaked Ham even has turkey if you want variety for your guests.

6. You still have amazing leftovers

When you go out to eat you have great food but a lot of time you don’t have enough for a few other meals. Our family loves to have leftover ham for meals. Ham sandwiches, split pea soup and ham and cheese omelets are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy leftovers.

7. It’s less stress overall which means more fun with family doing what you love over the holidays

In a season that is already busy, cut yourself some slack and make less stress on yourself.
You can find a HoneyBaked Ham store near you from their website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation with HoneyBaked brand. All opinions and experiences expressed are 100% my own and my families.

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