3 Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Folding Electric Bike By Buzz Bicycles

If you’re looking for an electric bike with a lot of flexibility, I highly recommend a folding electric bike.

It’s no secret that I LOVE electric bikes. I’ve been riding one for several years now.

Once you ride an e-bike, you’ll never want to go back to riding a regular bike because e-bikes are SO MUCH FUN!

woman on Centris electric bike
Buzz Centris folding e-bike

This article is written in partnership with Buzz Bicycles.

1. You Can Exercise With Ease As You Age With An Electric Bike

You can go farther and faster with electric bicycles. Your level of assisted power, if any, is totally up to you!

This allows you to customize your ride experience as you go.

I live in a neighborhood that is all steep hills. I love that I have an assisted option available when I need it to go up the hills.

Otherwise, I might have to make the walk of shame up the hill if my energy gives out before I get to the top of the hill. (Giant hill NOT pictured)

Centris folding electric bike

I love that I can get a great workout on my electric bike if I choose to. I have plenty of power with levels of pedal assist to make my ride a little easier if I want to.

You can change the power control with ease during your ride.

Knowing that I have assisted power when I need it also changes my mindset about how far I’ll ride my e-bike.

The bonus is that I get more exercise and get to explore more on longer rides.

senior on electric bike

Another good reason to consider an electric bike is that makes biking more accessible for senior riders.

You can continue enjoying biking for a long time at any age.

Centris foldable electric bike by Buzz Bicycles

2. No Bike Rack? No Problem!

If you don’t have a bike rack for your vehicle it’s not a problem because a folding e-bike can easily fit in the back of your vehicle.

I love this option because I don’t like to keep a bike rack on the back of my vehicle all the time.

The folding mechanism gives me the ability to store my e-bike in my vehicle when I travel.

This also gives me more peace of mind if I’m parked in an urban area and concerned about possible theft while I enjoy city life.

Centris folding electric bike in trunk of a car
Buzz Centris folding e-bike

We fit my Centris foldable e-bike with fat tires inside the large trunk of our Toyota Avalon. It honestly wasn’t the ideal scenario.

We prefer to transport the Centris in and out of my SUV.

The Centris foldable e-bike can be awkward to put in and out of the trunk of a car.

A vehicle with a hatchback is better suited for easier transfers of the Centris in and out of the vehicle.

Centris Electric Bike

3. Save on Gas and Your Commute With An Electric Folding Bike

If you want to save on your commute, the Buzz Centris electric bike is a great option.

You can ride to a bus stop to use public transportation and lock it up or use it to ride to the office or class on campus.

Centris folding electric bike on pedestrian bridge

You can also upgrade your saddle if you plan on taking the electric bike on longer rides.

This e-bike is also ideal for anyone who has limited storage. If you are an apartment dweller with tight spaces this is a great choice.

black Centris folding electric bike by Buzz Bicycles
Buzz Centris Folding E-bikes

The Centris Fat Tire E-Bike Can Go From Sand to Snow…And Everything In Between

If you enjoy experiencing the outdoors in all seasons and weather conditions, you’ll love the sturdy frame, comfortable ride, and shock absorption from the fat tires on the Centris electric bike.

 Centris electric bike Buzz Bicycles

The fat tires help you feel less of the bumpy road beneath you for a smooth ride. This is the ideal electric bike for someone who prefers the thicker tires of a mountain bike over the thinner tires of a road bike.

Riders love the unique design, compact fold, and removable battery for easy recharging. It’s best to store the lithium battery inside below 68 degrees Fahrenheit to help prolong battery life.

Centris folding e-bike by Buzz Bicycles
Buzz Centris Folding E-bikes

My in-laws purchased a pair of Centris electric bikes ( a white one and a black one.) They love the flexibility of being able to use them in an assortment of weather in both Michigan and Florida.

The front rack and rear rack of the Centris portable electric bike make it easy for them to transport beach chairs and a cooler when they ride from their property to the beach.

They can easily fit both electric bikes in their SUV with plenty of room for additional luggage for long vacations.

white Buzz Centris folding e bike
Buzz Centris Folding E-bike

Centris Folding E-Bike

  • Reach speeds up to 20mph
  • 5 Levels of electric assist
  • 6 Speeds
  • Throttle
  • 48 Volt removable battery (rechargeable)
  • 20″ X 4″ tires
  • Front rack included
  • Battery life – up to 40 miles per single charge (2-6 hours charge time)
  • LCD screen displays speed, assistance level, mileage, and battery level
  • 500-watt rear hub motor
  • Brakes: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Folding
  • Bike weight: 67 pounds
electric bikes from Buzz Bicycles

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  1. Perfect looks like fun. Would be great to ride then have backup when you get a bit tired. I feel like this would encourage me to ride a bike and get more exercise. Just know you can go a little further then you make be up to would be awesome.

  2. I would love to win this! My kids and I love to ride bikes but they are so much faster! I could keep up better with this!

  3. Getting well includes doing physical activity and these bikes help do that!
    I’m imagining myself touring my town again, or taking a trip to the ocean (bucket list item) with the e-bike – these are my TWO BIG INSPIRATIONS and it’s so COOL that you’re doing this GIVEAWAY! Thank you Thank you!

  4. These e-bikes look really cool and absolutely have a benefit to using them. I’ve never ridden one, but would like to try it.

  5. i have always wanted to try one of these! it’s the only way i’m riding a bike – i know that!!!

  6. I would love to win this bike to get out and about with my 14 year old and 2 year old. With all the technology now it is so easy just to stay indoors. I want to have them enjoy the outdoors. Plus I’m a “old” momma (45 years) and need a little help with hills, this bike would be a perfect added addition for us as a family.

  7. I have an electric bike and love it! I would love to win this bike so another member of my family could ride with me!

  8. Wow!!!! These are amazing. I just saw one at Cades Cove in TN and thought how nice it would be to have one so I can ride around with my kids. I have bad knees and it’s hard to ride a regular bike with them. But this! This is the answer.

  9. I love how this folds up and can go in any vehicle! What an awesome giveaway! My family would use something like this all over NKY and on trips!

  10. I have been wanting an ebike! I love to bicycle but it’s so hilly where we are, that I just can’t. This would give me the extra help I need to stay active and keep moving in the steep sections.

  11. I gave up my bike when moving here with the hills. This bike would help me to get motivated to ride, especially with all of the hills!

  12. My son is a CNA in urban San Diego and he could really use this versus public transportation.

  13. These bikes are great, especially for Senior Citizens ad they allow you to get the exercise you need at whatever energy is required with the battery assist.
    Another benefit is being foldable to enable one to transport without a bike rack.

  14. I would love to win this to ride around town, we don’t own any ebikes but they seem like so much fun.

  15. My current bike has been in my garage for 5 years with two flat tires. I would love an e-bike so I can ride (keep up) with my teen on all the Ohio bike trails I have pinned!

  16. I like that this is foldable. While not using it I think I would actually store this in my car, that way I have it in the event of a breakdown. I have only been stranded once in my life because of a car breakdown. but I still have a paranoia about it.

  17. I am trying to get healthier and outdoors more to improve mental and physical health. This would greatly improve my mobility.

  18. This would be amazing and make it easier for me to tag along with my husband and daughter on their bike rides! This article def answered a lot of questions I have about e bikes, might need to start seriously looking into one finally

  19. I would love to win this bike. I have hip and knee issues and this would be great to be able to get some exercise without having to do all the work. If I win one I could afford to buy another for my husband. Then we could go around with your in-laws and enjoy them together.

  20. I would love an electric bike! There are a lot of hills where I live and would make riding a bike fun!

  21. Love it! I’d love to win one of these! My two would love having one of these in the family. And it’d be great for my commute to work!

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