Behind the Scenes With Pet Influencer Vince Cincy

Behind the Scenes With French Bulldog Pet Influencer Vince Cincy

I don’t own a dog… but I do enjoy hanging out with them from time to time. I especially love it when I get to hang out with local celebrity and pet influencer, French bulldog, Vince Cincy. 

It’s hard not to smile when you see a French bulldog in a costume, and Vince Cincy has MANY of them!

If you have ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes to be a pet influencer or how to get your pet to wear a costume, this is the interview for you!

adventure mom with french bulldog Vince Cincy

I’ve gotten to hang out with Vince Cincy several times at events and this picture above pretty much sums it up. I tend to be super excited when I see him… And Vince tends to be too cool for me… until I win him over.

Vince’s “momager” aka Andrea, agreed to share more insight into what it’s like to manage a pet influencer. 

Andi Brofft and Nedra McDaniel

I met Andi for the first time back in 2012 at a blogging conference in Cincinnati called Bloggy Con. I had an extra ticket for a brewery tour after the conference and knew her for… about 5 minutes prior. That day she was very adventurous and said yes to joining me on the tour.

During our brewery tour, I didn’t notice that the rest of our group had gone back upstairs from a brewery tunnel (pictured above) while I was still taking pictures inside. We almost got accidentally locked in the lager tunnel during our brewery tour …(they had turned off the lights and we yelled our location from below) …and we’ve been blogging friends ever since. 

Vince Cincy in a sailor suit costume

How Long Has Vince Cincy Been Around? The French Bulldog and the Instagram Account

I started Vince’s Instagram in 2016 after I got him because I didn’t want to fill my own Insta feed up with puppy photos. I didn’t really think about taking a lot of puppy photos, which are so important for that cute factor on Instagram.

Eventually, I hit upon costumes because I was given several for Christmas and he would pose for me (I mean, he only has one expression). 

Andrea Brofft with french bulldog Vince Cincy

What Inspired You to Create a Pet-themed Website/ Instagram Account?

I decided to create a website in 2018 because on Instagram I was frequently asked the same question about how I got Vince to wear glasses or costumes so I thought it might be fun to give a behind the scenes look at creating photos.

People are surprised that I do all this solo and don’t have a second person helping me get Vince to focus while I take photos. It’s been a tremendous way for me to bond with him through training.     

Vince Cincy in Reds Uniform

What’s Been the Most Challenging Part of Your Online Business?

I work full-time outside of this and batch content on the weekends both creating and getting it ready to post. I know zip about photography other than using natural light, so if the weekends aren’t sun-filled or Vince isn’t up for it, I don’t take photos.

He doesn’t do well humidity and temperatures above 70 degrees. When it’s summer, I have to wake up early on the weekends, which I did in 2019 to get photos with the Mr. Redleg benches! 

Also when taking photos in public, other people make it challenging because they want to distract him or invite themselves into the photos and I like to work fast for the shot. 

 french bulldog Vince Cincy with Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns

What’s Been the Most Rewarding Part of What You Do?

Because of COVID, I was informed I would be taking a pay cut for an indefinite amount of time so being able to earn as a content creator and influencer is a blessing!

But even without earning, we have had the opportunity to work with local organizations to raise money for charitable causes.

And let’s be honest, meeting people I would never otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Like being invited to a puppy play date with NFL player, Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns!  

french bulldog Vince Cincy wearing a sweater vest

How Do You Create Community Among Other Dog Lovers?

On Instagram, it’s been fun to get to know other dogs just as you do people where the photo in feed is the polished look but in Stories, it’s a little more about the dog, so I always try to comment on Stories. 

I also Admin a group of pet accounts who want to work as influencers and created a second website,, to help those who have a goal of working with brands. 

Vince Cincy in Elvis wig

Do You Have a Favorite Costume for Vince Cincy?

Gosh, that’s a hard one to answer because I love so many of them!

There are definitely photos of costumes I love because of how he looks like as a puppy in his Prince Charming costume or the photo you took of him in the wig and Elvis glasses always cracks me up!

Most recently, the sweater and dress shirt that makes him look like the perfect boyfriend is also a favorite! 

Vince Cincy in St Patricks Day costume

What Inspires Your Costume Looks for Vince?

Holidays both real and made up! 

The costumes started when I got a gift of Valentine’s Day tie, Uncle Sam hat and beard, leprechaun hat and beard, and bunny ears so I used them in holiday photos.  

Your Captions Are Also Really Witty. What’s Your Process for Coming Up With the Perfect Caption?

Song lyrics, puns, and dad jokes always winners to me!

People scroll Instagram for fun so I want them to see a cute photo but also get a chuckle!   

Vince Cincy in prince costume

Any Tips for Getting a Pet to Pose for a Picture?

Training the basic commands of sit/stay are necessary, but also reward and praise!

Doing this in public when you don’t care if you get the shot is important, too. 

dog park at Washington Park in Cincinnati Ohio

What Are Your Favorite Dog Parks Around Cincinnati?

Vince has a nice fenced in backyard so we host friends and dogs, but we also go to Washington Park or Fido Field for playdates! 

What Are Your Favorite/Best Dog-friendly Places in Cincinnati to Grab a Drink?

Streetside Brewery and Madtree Brewery are great places to go with your pup or run into some if you don’t have one!  

What Are Your Favorite/Best Dog-friendly Places to Eat?

Vince is very interested in food, any food, so over time I’ve avoided taking him places because he thinks everyone loves him and he doesn’t need to sit on his mat next to me.

But after a visit to Washington Park, we go to Queen City Radio to grab a bite and hang out with friends. 

The Cone in West Chester Ohio

What Are Your Favorite Local Dog-friendly Adventures?

Visiting the creamy whips! Like I said, Vince loves food and people, so a little ice cream treat is a big deal for him! 

What Are Your Favorite Pet-centric Businesses Around Cincinnati?

This is no disrespect to the local pet businesses in Cincinnati and it is because Petco is right down the street from me.

Before I got Vince I was in there talking all things puppies and came to know the staff, so now we visit and he shows off what few tricks can do for treats.

Plus, there’s usually a clearance bin of costumes or accessories I look through 🙂 

french bulldog Vince Cincy

What Are Your Favorite Pet Accessories/Treats That You Can’t/Don’t Want to Live without?

One thing about Vince is that like any stubborn bulldog, he thinks he is in charge.

He wants to fight against walking nicely on a leash. So every walk that I hope to be enjoyable, he needs to wear a strap harness and my pockets must have Nudges Grillers. Then he spends most of the walk looking at me or stopping to sit and receive a treat and praise. 

What Hotels in Cincinnati Would You Recommend to Someone Traveling With Their Pet?

Prior to COVID, we were supposed to work with a new hotel opening in Cincinnati but that has been delayed. We’ve stayed at Kimpton in Cleveland and looked forward to the one opening in Cincinnati, but again things are delayed.

We need to find some Cincinnati-based hotels to try out! 

french bulldog Vince Cincy

What Are Some of the Quirks That Come With Owning a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are clowns who love attention, which is why so many people fall in love with them.

They aren’t sporting dogs, although they have bursts of energy. French bulldogs are stubborn and prone to many health issues that tend to be expensive.

french bulldog Vince Cincy in Cincinnati Bengals shirt

What Type of Environment Does a French Bulldog Need to Live Its Best Life?

Because of French Bulldogs’ short snout, they do not do well in heat and are prone to overheating. Our warmer weather months are ones where Vince takes a short walk very early or really late.

French bulldogs are built like a cinder block and can’t swim. They need to be trained to avoid jumping in bodies of water or wear a life jacket around water. 

French bulldogs are companion dogs who love their people. They really need a human who is focused on them from training to cuddling.

Once you get a French Bulldog, it’s all about them! 

french bulldog Vince Cincy wearing a tie

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Who Wants to Monetize an IG Account for Their Pet?

First, know that it takes time to build up your account. Establish your secret sauce – that thing that makes you stand out from all the other pet accounts. From there, weave in content about brands you use and love. 

Check out my posts at or join my Social Media Pet Influencers Facebook group for more info. 

Vince Cincy pet influencer

Where Can Someone Connect With Vince Cincy on Social Media? 

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Behind the Scenes With French Bulldog Pet Influencer Vince Cincy

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