Fast Facts about Favorites Steak and Pasta at Belterra Park

Fast Facts about Favorites Steak and Pasta at Belterra Park

I was invited to a dinner at Favorites Steak & Pasta at Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment Center. A casino doesn’t typically come to mind when I’m thinking about dining options but I discovered that Favorites Steak & Pasta was determined to change that.

I learned a few things over our dinner that definitely made me a fan of Favorites.

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The pasta is made fresh every day.

I was really surprised about this one! There is a reason why I leave the pasta making to the experts. Check out this video for a behind the scenes look into what goes into making Favorites popular menu item, Gnocchi Bolognese.

The pasta making process can be a tedious labor of love and my tastebuds appreciated the effort!

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We sampled a few of the pasta menu items at our table. The best strategy is to order something different and pass around family style. I loved trying a little of each delicious dish!

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½ price wine is every Thursday

They are also building out a new wine list to include more Italian and Chianti vintages. Yes, please!

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Simple Things Done Right

Chef Todd shared that the staff takes pride in “simple things done right,” that philosophy extends to every part of the attention to detail in the culinary process for every item on the menu.

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The Desserts are divine

In order to get the best ending to your meal, I recommend ordering a few desserts and sharing. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Make sure that the CRÈME BRULEE is one of them. The milk chocolate praline hazelnut, wild berry jam, shortbread are a refreshing twist on a classic.

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There is a story behind Aunt Jean’s Ricotta Cheesecake

Created with lemon zest, graham cracker crust, and warm blueberry limoncello compote, Aunt Jean’s Cheescake is Executive Chef’s, Josh Miragliotta, Aunt’s recipe. It was hanging on a wall in New Jersey and chef made someone take a photo and send it to him. He then handed it to our team here and said, “make it just like the recipe calls, no changes. I’ll know if you change it.” He also says she would only make this at Easter, so this dish reminds him of that time of year and their annual family Easter gatherings.

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The restaurant is designed for a view

Whether it is a view of the horse racing track and finish line, a cozy table by the fireplace or the private dining area which offers a chef’s table experience, each view is special.

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You must be 21 to dine at Favorites

Restaurant patrons walk through the gaming floor to get to the entrance of the restaurant, which means that no minors are allowed.


You can find out more about Favorites Steak & Pasta from the Belterra Park website. 

Belterra Park Game & Entertainment Center is located 6301 Kellogg Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230


Thanks again to Favorites for providing a wonderful dining experience!

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