Get involved and share what you want to see in myNKY!














As a myNKY ambassador, I’m trying to help get the word our about how we can continue to make Northern Kentucky even better.

Lots are northern Kentucky residents have helped share their input on the website. Here is some of the interesting data that has been collected from the polls so far.


Traffic Flow










Rental Housing











Raise Children









Quality of Life









Education in your district










Do you agree with the polls? You can still give your input and let your voice be heard!




We are also encouraging everyone to print one of the “I want ____in myNKY” speech bubbles to share your thoughts and share on social media using the hashtag #myNKY.





This is something your whole family can get involved in.



















The myNKY campaign is wrapping up in May and we would love to see as much community involvement as possible! Please join me in the effort.


For more information, to answer Poll Questions, Challenge Questions, or to play the game please visit

Twitter: @my_nky 



Youtube channel:

When sharing via social media you can use hashtag #mynky.

Disclosure: Adventure Mom has been a proud Ambassador for myNKY throughout the campaign. 

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