Great Places to Eat in Highland County, Ohio

Restaurants in Highland County, Ohio have been doing farm-to-table long before it was cool or trendy.

I’m sharing more about great local restaurants and businesses in Hillsboro, Greenfield, and Leesburg in southeastern Ohio to visit while you are in the area.

Great Places to Eat in Highland County, Ohio

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Where is Highland County, Ohio?

Highland County is located in southeastern Ohio, about an hour and 20 minutes east of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

bloggers outside Catch 22 Sports Pub in Greenfield Ohio

For my first visit, I joined Heather from The Food Hussy, Casey from Casie La Vie, and Lindsay from Fueling Motherhood on a 24-hour adventure in Highland County.

And I’ve been back to enjoy several more great meals since then.

outside Catch 22 Sports Pub in Greenfield Ohio

Watch a Game at Catch 22 Sports Pub

250 Jefferson St, Greenfield, Ohio

Our first stop was lunch at Catch 22 Sports Pub where the food collectively exceeded our expectations. This is a great place for sandwiches, burgers, and flatbreads.

menu items at Catch 22 Sports Pub in Greenfield Ohio

A few recommendations to try at Catch-22 are the following:

The Voice burger for spicy food fans, topped with jalapeños and sriracha mayo.

burger at Catch 22 Sports Pub in Greenfield Ohio

I would recommend a side of their hand-cut regular fries or sweet potato fries. Make sure that you ask for the zesty sauce to dip your fries in.

buffalo chicken flatbread at Catch 22 Sports Pub in Greenfield Ohio

The Buffalo chicken flatbread was so good! I have a feeling that you can’t go wrong with any of the flatbread options.

Catch 22 Italian sub with giant onion rings

Make sure that you try Catch 22’s Italian Sandwich with their giant onion rings.

bar at Catch 22 Sports Bar in Ohio

There are multiple TVs displayed around the restaurant, making it a great place to grab a drink and watch a game. Catch 22 also hosts a variety of live events throughout the year.

Micro brewery next to Catch 22 Pub

New Micro Brewery in Highland County!

Right next to Catch 22 there is a new microbrewery called Scotty’s 22- Brew offering 5 different beers in 5 different styles.

We got to preview the space adjacent to Catch 22 during our visit.

Scotty's 22 Brew in Ohio

The community is really excited to have their first brewery in Highland County.

strawberry dessert at Batter Up Bakery

Stop in for a Sweet Treat at Batter Up Bakery

40 E. Main St. Leesburg, OH

If you are craving a sweet treat, Batter Up Bakery has you covered!

Batter Up Bakery

Batter Up Bakery offers freshly baked brownies, cupcakes, handmade donuts, as well as seasonal and bake-to-order specialties.

farm themed cake from Batter Up Bakery

Their team has impressive cake decorating skills and I have no doubt they can create whatever you dream up.

Batter Up Bakery is committed to high-quality, locally sourced fresh ingredients using local farms for fresh eggs, milk, seasonal fruits, and vegetables.

pastries at Batter Up Bakery

The following seasonal fruits transition from summer to fall in the following order:

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Peach
  • Apple
  • Pumpkin

Basically, they give you an excuse to stop by often.

hand made strawberry fritter at Batter Up Bakery

I love strawberries and I was pretty excited that we were able to enjoy several pastries made with fresh strawberries from a local farm during our visit.

They even have strawberry fritters which I was told is one of the more time-consuming pastries to make.

hand made donuts at Batter Up Bakery

We got to witness their from-scratch methods during our visit. They don’t take shortcuts and the results are worth it when you taste them.

glaze donuts at Batter Up Bakery

If you happen to visit in time for a hot glazed donut, you will experience magic in your mouth.

turkey bacon club at Cafe 28

I also recommend trying their cream horn pastries and macarons made in-house.

Hillsboro Farmers' Market

Shop Local at Hillsboro Farmers’ Market

Downtown Hillsboro

108 Governor Trimble Pl, Hillsboro, OH

You can purchase food and goods from local farmers and artisans every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Hillsboro Farmers Market from May 15 – October 15 each year.

Hillsboro Farmers' Market

You’ll find an assortment of fresh flowers, produce, homemade bread, gift ideas, decor, and more.

Hillsboro Farmers' Market

A few of the area businesses at the Farmers’ Market include Marshland Family Farms, Mother Cluckers Farmhouse (awesome name), Beech Ridge Berry Farm, and West Family Produce.

Maplecrest Meats and More

Find Your BBQ Supplies at Maplecrest Meats & More

547 S High St, Hillsboro Ohio

If you are looking for a top-notch meat selection for your next grill out or BBQ, look no further than Maplecrest Meats & More.

deli case at Maplecrest Meats and More

They sell a variety of deli meats, bread, toppings, and accessories in addition to bulk ground beef, freezer beef, and grass-fed pasture-raised meat.

meat at Maplecrest Meats and More

Maplecrest Meats has a history with beef as a family-owned and operated farm that has been raising Angus cows since 1986. You can even call and request to schedule a farm tour.

Maplecrest Meats uses the top 15% of the breed for marbling and ribeye.

frozen meat at Maplecrest Meats and More

They offer locally farm-raised beef in their frozen section and fresh certified Angus beef. (There is no difference in the quality, but you will save a little on the frozen meats.)

frozen meat at Maplecrest Meats and More

Now you can purchase their high-quality meats at their storefront or get meats shipped from their online store.

Marathon gas station at Terry’s Pizza and  Ice Cream

Try a Crazy Shake at Terry’s Pizza & Ice Cream

1505 US 50, Lynchburg, Ohio

Pizza and ice cream at a Marathon gas station? Yes, don’t knock it til you try it! 

pickle pizza at Terry’s Pizza and Ice Cream

People travel far and wide for their crazy shakes and pizza at Terry’s Pizza and Ice Cream where you can also fill up your belly and your tank.

I highly recommend their pickle pizza. It sounds odd but it is sooo good! 

Crazy shakes at Terry's Ice cream

During the summer the lines for the giant milkshakes can get really long so I would recommend ordering your pizza ahead of time while you wait in line for your shake. 

There is outdoor seating with some picnic tables outside and a counter bar with a few small tables inside near the ice cream area. 

pick an apple at Karnes Orchard

U-Pick Apples at Karnes Orchard

8200 Worley Mill Rd, Hillsboro, Ohio

The original orchard on the property was established in 1876 and has an interesting family history. Karnes Orchard has over 30 varieties of apples for guests to choose from.

 scenic view from the top of  Karnes Orchard

You can pick apples in their beautiful orchard and in addition to apples, the family farm has peaches, pears, and cherries seasonally.

Keep up to date on their fruit availability for u-pick during the season on their Facebook page.

Make sure that you check out the scenic view of the area at the top of the orchard.

Karnes Orchard

Or if you have less time you can select your apple varieties of choice inside their store.

golden delicious apples at Karnes Orchard

The signs next to the apples can help you decide the best variety depending on how you want to use them.

Be on the lookout for their fry pies on the weekends and I’d also recommend picking up a few gallons of their apple cider too!

Country Crust Bakery

Grab a Sandwich or Baked Good at The Country Crust Bakery

4918  State Route 41, Bainbridge, Ohio

This is a great lunch stop with lots of fantastic baked goods. The hardest part is narrowing down all of your choices.

roast beef pretzel sandwich  at Country Crust Bakery

The pretzel sandwiches are AMAZING at this Amish bakery.

reuben pretzel sandwich at Country Crust Bakery

I really enjoyed their Reuben pretzel sandwich pictured above.

They don’t have indoor seating so grab a BUNCH of napkins if you order this sandwich because it can get messy. You can grab a seat at one of the outdoor dining tables or picnic tables nearby.

breads and pies  at Country Crust Bakery

I bought some of their giant cinnamon rolls with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting on top to bring back to my family and they LOVED them.

The Alley Neighborhood Grille

Fun With Friends at The Alley Neighborhood Grille

1086 North High Street, Hillsboro, Ohio

This restaurant is deceptively larger than it looks outside.

bar at The Alley Neighborhood Grille

There is plenty of seating for large groups between the two restaurant/bar areas.

Alley Neighborhood Grill has lots of tv throughout the restaurant and bar if you are looking for a great place to watch a game with family or friends.

Highland Lanes bowling alley

Before or after you eat there is a really nice bowling alley next door with arcade games for kids.

famous fried mushrooms at The Alley Neighborhood Grille

If you are looking for a few menu recommendations try the “famous fried mushrooms” and the cheese curds for your appetizers.

blackened Mac at The Alley Neighborhood Grille

For an entree, I highly recommend the “Blackened Mac” made with white cheddar macaroni shells, grilled blackened chicken, tomato, and green onion.

the Alley double decker sandwich at The Alley Neighborhood

The Alley double-decker burger is another popular option that’s similar to a Big Boy that comes topped with a delicious homemade tartar sauce. Make sure that you ask for extra tartar sauce to dip your fries in.

Cafe 28

Breakfast or Lunch at Cafe 28

8 East Main Street, Leesburg, Ohio

This cafe is a great place to grab a specialty coffee, breakfast, or lunch.

lunch menu items at Cafe 28

They also have flavored Red Bull which is pretty unique but I opted for their honey lavender latte.

biscuits and gravy at Cafe 28

We tried some of their breakfast and lunch menu items during our visit and their biscuits and gravy was a table favorite.

turkey bacon club at Cafe 28

A few of their lunch menu items to try are the 3 cheese panini, turkey bacon club, and chicken salad on croissant.

The Porch Carryout and Grill

The Porch Carryout and Grill

421 N West St, Hillsboro, OH

For an appetizer, we tried the Tuscan Zuppa, a cream-based soup with sausage, potatoes and kale.

soup at The Porch Carryout and Grill

If you’re a fan of Zuppa Toscana from Olive Garden you’ll LOVE the Porch’s version.

soup and flatbread at The Porch Carryout and Grill

I HIGHLY recommend trying their buffalo chicken flatbread!

buffalo chicken flatbread at The Porch Carryout and Grill

It’s made with Ranch aioli base, medium buffalo sauce, grilled chicken, provolone cheese & dill pickles.

The combination of flavors and crunch from the pickles is seriously magic in your mouth!

bar seating at The Porch Carryout and Grill

The Porch hosts a lot of special events throughout the year including a weekly trivia night.

If you need a quick meal on the go you’ll want to check out the freshly made items in their carry-out refrigerator.

Mimi's Kitchen

Mimi’s Kitchen

118 East Main St., Hillsboro, OH

The Mimi’s Kitchen main location doesn’t have typical hours but items from Mimi’s Kitchen are available in 29 locations.

Christmas tree cheesecake slice at Mimi's Kitchen

This is why you need to stay up to date on Mimi’s Kitchen via her Facebook group. Orders can be made at this number (740) 804-6272.

picture of Grandma Be a at Mimi's Kitchen

The wonderful cheesecake at Mimi’s Kitchen is credited to Grandma Bea’s cheesecake recipe.

Mimi’s Cheesecakes are WONDERFUL!

After one bite you’ll understand why.

“The cheesecakes are on a buttery crumb crust, thick and creamy, never dry, and topped with a decadent, slightly sweet, extremely addictive top layer.”

single cheesecake slices at Mimis Kitchen

If you’re having a hard time deciding which flavor to try, you might want to get a box of mini cheesecakes.

mini cheesecakes at Mimis Kitchen

These are also great to bring to social gatherings…if you decide to share.

Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast

Where to Stay in Highland County

Woodhaven Farm Bed and Breakfast

9228 Fall Creek Road, Leesburg, Ohio

If you are looking for a bed and breakfast that feels like a country retreat, you’ll want to check out Woodhaven Farm Bed and Breakfast.

hay bail at Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast

The bed and breakfast is located on a private 40-acre farm, where you can “choose your own adventure.” Relax and read a book, bird watch, hike the trails, or learn about farm life from the owners.

breakfast at Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast

In the morning, you can enjoy a farm-fresh breakfast without the cooking or cleanup.

fresh egg at Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast

The eggs for breakfast are locally sourced at their chicken coup located within a few steps of their front door.

chicken at Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast

You can meet the chickens who helped contribute to your breakfast. As a city slicker, I love learning more about where my food comes from and the farming process from the owners.

downtown Hillsboro Ohio

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