Awesome Holiday Gift Guide for College Students- (2023)

Unless you’ve recently graduated from college, understanding what’s practical and necessary for college students in 2023 can be hard.

In just the last decade, technology and college curriculums have changed so much that it may feel like 50 years have passed instead of just 10. That’s why I sourced an actual college student for the gift ideas shared below.

Regardless of gender, major, or location, there’s something for everyone in this ultimate holiday gift guide for college students for 2023.

As a college student myself, I can say it is definitely hard to shop for college students.

Being that they’re in their late teens or early twenties, college students can be quite elusive when it comes to giving direct answers and preferences, whether it’s about “how those grades are”, or what they want for Christmas.

To address these challenges, I have created a list of 20 gifts for this holiday season that are bound to be loved by any college student.

Determining what a college student really needs from this list can pose a challenge.

My recommendation is to select a few items you believe they would genuinely like as a gift and ask them directly about their preferences.

Whether you’re assembling these gifts into a care package or giving them in person during this holiday season, college students will undoubtedly love receiving any of these thoughtful gifts. 

And, for those who may think some of these gifts are more grown-up, and still view their college student as a kid, it’s worth noting that the growth and maturation they can undergo in a single semester can be surprising.

Have a happy holiday season!

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