Intro to Belly Dancing Class

I missed out on a belly dancing lesson a few years ago and it’s been on my bucket list ever since.  I found out about a local belly dancing class that you could take as a drop in class for $5.

The dance studio was located in a plaza and showcased a picture of our instructor that looked like Janet Jackson from a far.

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Sign me up if I could go in like me and come out with confidence and abs like that.

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The atmosphere of the studio felt like a club with the strobe lights and loud music…. minus the creepy guys and cheesy pick up lines. The studio used to be a movie rental store before, so the stars on the wall seemed to fit the atmosphere. I watched a packed zumba class that was ending just before our class began. Judging by the last class, this was going to be a place where fitness meets fun.

Our instructor showed me the belt that was available for purchase. I decided to wait and see if I liked the class before committing to purchase the accessory.  You can also purchase them online for a bit more.

Belly Dancing Class

We began our class with moving our hips. The challenge was to move your hip without moving your knees. It takes a bit of focus to not cheat because the movement doesn’t feel natural in the beginning. We moved on to learning other steps and movements. She moved and we attempted to follow.

It was comical to watch the contrast between my friends and I and our instructor. We were having fun in our attempts. She made everything look fluid and I made it look like convulsions.

I felt like my hips moved like the scene in Seinfeld when Elaine dances at a wedding.

Our instructor was originally from Mexico and performed with many big acts.  She made all of the moves seem fluid and had lots of energy. She was also really great at taking the time to make sure that we were getting the hang of the combinations.

Overall, all of us really enjoyed our class and felt it was a fun workout. I do think the class would have been even better if I had the belt.   It would have been great to hear the noise my hips were attempting to make.

Belly Dancing Class

If you want to try a belly dancing class, check out the website at Heidi Garza Dance Studio

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Or check out this site to find a local belly dancing class in a city near you.





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