See if you can taste the difference at Gold Star Chili

See if you can taste the difference at Gold Star Chili

Do you like a challenge? Do you think that you are great at taste testing?

I have a challenge for you!

We are big Cincinnati style chili fans.

If you are from the Cincinnati area you get it….if you are not, just know that we are crazy about our local style of chili piled high with loads of cheese.

An Alternative Cincinnati Style Chili Option For Vegetarians

So when Gold Star Chili created a vegetarian version of their Cincinnati style chili I was skeptical at first. As a big meat eater, most of my experiences with vegetarian foods have not been very positive.

I find that taste is usually the first thing that suffers in the name of a healthier option.

The best kind of vegetarian is the kind that you can’t even tell is void of meat…. and I’m happy to report that Gold Star Chili achieved just that!

Gold Star Vegetarian Cheese Sandwich

The Challenge: Can you tell the difference in the chili?

I ordered one cheese sandwich with vegetarian chili and one regular and the only way that I could tell the difference was the flag! I kept on rotating my bites and I couldn’t make a distinction in the taste.

That to me says it all.

This is a great alternative for someone craving Cincinnati style chili during the Lenten season because you don’t give up the texture or the bold flavor.

Chef Ryan Miller went to great lengths to get it right. He created 23 batches before achieving this one.

Enjoy Vegetarian Cincinnati Style Chili All Year Long at Gold Star

The vegetarian Cincinnati style chili recipe is soy, gluten, and meat-free using a pea-based protein and its served all year round!

So don’t just take my word for it. I challenge you to try it for yourself and let me know if you could taste the difference.

Gold Star Chili

You can find out more about Gold Star Chili from their website along with the nearest location near you.

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Thanks again to Gold Star Chili for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 



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