Fresh Thyme Grand Opening & $25 Giveaway



This post is sponsored by Fresh Thyme. All opinions are my own.


Are you trying to eat healthier? Healthier eating is definitley something that I can improve on.


There is a new farmers market called Fresh Thyme that is coming to Cincinnati that has lots of healthy eating inspiration. They also have other store locations in the midwest with even more new stores opening in the future.

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Adventures In Exercise – Why it took me so long to try a Spin Class

Why it took me so long to try a Spin Class Cover

“I’m soooo sorry, Are you ok?,”- that’s what the old lady in my hydrorider class said to me after she accidently dropped her 55lb bike on my head as I was helping her get it into the water. I was fine but had to hold an icepack on the side of my face for the whole duration of the water “spin” class.

We had joined our gym a few years ago and it took me the longest time to even try a group class. I always thought the women that attended those were genetically superimposed with the DNA of superheros. I was so intimidated to stare at myself in front of a mirror with a bunch of other women doing exercises or dance moves that looked ridiculous.

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